Project Management Plan Essay

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|Project Title: |METU Cinema Days |
| | | | | |
|Project Sponsor: |Office of Cultural Affairs | |Date Prepared: |21.03.2013 |
| | | | | |
|Proposed Project Manager: |Halit KOYUKAN ...view middle of the document...

It plans to be conducted from the beginning of October 2013 to the end of February 2014. The chosen movies will be showed on |
|Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays on the U3 Amphi. |

|Project and Product Requirements: |
|The requirements are U3 Amphi, a DVD player, DVDs, and stand for popcorn and other products. Also, there will be a questionnaire to learn movies desired by|
|METU students. |

|Initial Risks: |
|Funding availability risk |
|Reject from Presidency in enhancing Amphi conditions |

|Constraints/Limits: |
|Legal procedures for movies to broadcast on public area |

|Exclusions: |
|High cost movies at theaters |
| |
|Assumptions: |
|It is assumed that every session will be demanded by 10 people at least. If it cannot be reached enough participants, it will be cancelled. |

|Dependencies: |
|Document initial dependencies, usually schedule or task related. These will be developed further in the Project Management Plan (during the planning |
|process). |
|[Refer to the third week's class presentation slides on "Defining the Project"] ...

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