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Project Manager Skills Essay

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Every organisation works hard to bring out a successful product which is an outcome of proper planning, design and implementation. Managing the human resource is an important key factor that lies in the success of the product. Thus these activities grouped together and called as project management. As Newton (2005, p-11) says "Project is essentially a way of working, a way of organising people and way of managing tasks". Project management is the act of working towards the success of the project outcome. An Effective Project Manager is solely responsible for building and managing the project activities. Project manager skill set is in high demand and in the case scenario we ...view middle of the document...

Being the company's employee I compel a written report for my manager highlighting the skill sets that I possess to become a project manager. Beside the positive skills I also discuss the drawbacks or deficiencies within me and also the training required to overcome those drawbacks. A successful project manager should be aware of the vital success factors which lead to the success of the project which is discussed as well.

Demanding Skill Sets of a Project Manager:

Personal Skill Set:

Soft Skills defines a person's characteristics involving his personal or emotional senses. This could also be known as personal skills.

• Active Listening

Besides many other important roles of a project manager it is very important to possess patience for listening. Any team member would grumble about the project manager who dint have time to listen to his problem or at least dint give space to explain his situation. This Listening skill brings a relief among the team leader and team members to gain confidence regarding their problems (Newton, 2005).This also implies in the case of customers while discussing about their needs and demands. It is very important to understand what the customer needs and clear their assumptions and confusions, which happens only through active listening.

Improves - Customer Satisfaction -Relieves stress among team members

• Communication

The Project manager should develop effective communication skills which is the most vital trait over all the personal issues. He should think measure and plan each and every sentence he communicates. When he lacks communication with team people or customers there are chances o risks factors and misunderstandings to increase (Newton, 2005).

Newton (2005, p.22) states the vital people with whom the project manager should have regular communications,

“1. Team Members (staffs, team leaders)

2. Customers

3. Stakeholders“

Below diagram shows how important is communication trait,

Figure: Project Manager Activities Boddy, 2002


-Interactive workforce

-Effective Monitoring of the Team leads to foresee or avoid faults

-Obtain clearer picture of customer’s needs and also update their changing needs.

-Building Rapport with the team as well as the customers

• Motivation

Motivation is a factor that boosts an employee’s concentration to work towards his goals. Boddy (2002, p.122) states “Understanding individual motivation is basis for understanding team motivation”. The traits which ensure motivation are,

1. Appreciation and rewards of the team members work

2. Respect

3. Recognising personal talents

4. Encouragement


-Happy Work environment

-Accelerates people to work towards achievement of their goals

• Strength of Character :

This word has several other traits contained within. The strength of a character is judged upon the person’s determination and hard work. The qualities which...

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