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APRIL 2015

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Executive Summary of Project
1. Project Title
2. Introduction
3. Background
4. Goals and Objectives
5. Scope
6. Time Frame
7. Cost Management Plan
8. Benefit Analysis
9. Risk Assessment
10. Milestones
11. Assumptions
12. Constraints
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4) Design and establish a contingency plan to cover potential project disruptions, which includes: a) Personnel Back-Up System for manpower issues; b) Business Continuity Plan for incidents such as system downtime or technical errors, threats on work place, and force majeure.Key Users: The key users of this project are the incoming Grade 10 students of Carlos P. Garcia High SchoolEstimated Project Completion:April 2015Estimated Budget for the Project: Php40,000 |

Project Title
Career Exploration Program (Project Figaro)


“RACE - Realizing Aspirations Through Career Exploration”  is a one-day career exploration project for high school students of Carlos P. Garcia High School Cubao, Quezon City. Through this project, the students can gain insights to identify their career objectives, to clarify their interests and to plan for their future. It is an opportunity for students to develop wise career decisions through various assessment tools and through learning experience from speakers of different field and industries.

Some people say that the last few years of high school is probably the best time to think about the future. It’s the peak of discovery and exploration about oneself. Several questions such as ‘who I want to be’, ‘what I want to become’ or ‘where will I be after school’ boggle the mind.
Given these, the Projma S33 class would like to reach out to the younger generation, the incoming Grade 10 students of Carlos Garcia High School, to assist them in this period of search for answers to their questions. The Career Exploration Project: “RACE”, begins with self-discovery, of identifying key strengths and weaknesses. Next is developing knowledge about the careers ahead, the type of work, and what to expect on their destination. The team will gather professionals and experts from different areas--technical, artistic, medical, social, financial, and entrepreneurial--to share their career journey. From there, the students will be able to assess their talents, skills, and interests and match these to the jobs and courses available. And hopefully, they can start making a definite plan for their lives.
The class believes that the choices these young students are going to make today will define their future, and it is never too early to think about what lies ahead. As Ateneans, the class is looking forward to inspire today’s youth to become productive nation-building citizens.

Goals and Objectives

It aims to guide the students in choosing their courses in college through established means of exploring their passions, talents, and interests and eventually, pursuing a career they are most interested in.

Specifically, the project aims to:

1. Design a seminar program that will help students identify their passion, explore them, and find ways to turn them into career opportunity.
2. Provide resources that will raise the students’ awareness on different career fields for them...

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