Project Planning And Project Management Essay

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CC5001 Project Planning and Project Management
2014-15 Coursework Report Structure

The report structure relates to the scenario described and previously published; you are asked to plan (but not implement) a project for the CROSTIE and SCIRITUR systems for client James Chambers, MD of CCRS Ltd. You should prepare a report, addressing all sections and maintaining the sequence given below. Guidelines (which MUST NOT be exceeded, if it is exceeded marks WILL be deducted) for the maximum length of each section are specified; answers shorter than this that deal with the required issues are acceptable. The text should be in font size 12 (no smaller) and preferably Arial, although headings ...view middle of the document...

The Gantt chart should be in an easy-to-read format (e.g. joined so the entire chart on several A4 pages will fold out flat).

Title page
The report is for the management of the client organisation, and should have an appropriate title page, containing the report title, recipient, author and date. You may add your own logo if you wish. The title page should not have a page number. . The title page may contain a logo, but it must give the name of the client, the identity of the author (name and student id) and the date of submission.
(Maximum 1 page)

Management Summary
The title page should be followed by a management summary, giving details of the context, timing, purpose and cost of the project. You should also identify any special features of your project. This page should not have a page number.
(Maximum ½ page)

Table of Contents
The table of contents must use the numbered headings and sub-headings specified below, and identify the corresponding page numbers in the text. The ToC facility in MS Word may be used to generate the table of contents. All subsequent pages must be numbered, and the page numbers must be printed, not hand-written. Page numbers should appear on every page except the title page, management summary and table of contents. The main body of the report must start at page 1
(Maximum 1 page)

Section 1: Background (10 marks)
1.1. Scope
A description of the scope of the project (i.e. what the project is about), and a statement of what the project does not include (e.g. designing a logo for the client’s headed notepaper, but choose a different example).

1.2. Assumptions
These may include issues such as the provision of any existing hardware/software, skills of the client’s staff, justification for extending the budget or an explanation of a proposal to reduce the scope in order to remain within the budget. The impact that these assumptions make on the project plans should be clearly indicated.

1.3. SMART objectives
An identification of two SMART objectives appropriate to the project. Each objective must satisfy all SMART components.

1.4. Constraints
An identification of the constraints that relate to the project.
(Maximum 2 pages)

Section 2: Risk (5 marks)
This section examines risk factors associated with the project. Consider the following risk, identify possible approaches to dealing with the risk, identify the appropriate impact and category of risk, and describe how you would propose to manage each risk if it occurred during the implementation stage of your project, including any containment action or contingency plan. It is not necessary to perform risk calculations here.

The delivery of PCs and related equipment you have ordered for the client has been delayed; the supplier has stated that it might take another 8 weeks before it can be delivered.
(Maximum 1 page)

Section 3: Costings and resources (15 marks)
What are the costings and resources associated...

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