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* The Objective…
Mutiara Hotel are in need of a new marketing piece to help the hotel sell more rooms and meeting spaces to business clientele which will be most cost-effective than sending VHS cassettes.
Mutiara Hotel needs a cutting edge marketing piece.
Mutiara Hotel needs to know how effective their marketing is.

* The Opportunity…
Mutiara Hotel has the opportunity to put a cutting edge multimedia presentation in front of prospective clients. The goals of this multimedia presentation are:
Sell more room and meeting spaces to business clients.
Reduce costs of mailing marketing materials.
Incorporate more hotel information and virtual imagery ...view middle of the document...

Printed brochures are most of the time tossed in the trash, whereas CD-ROM presentations are more likely to be kept and passed around.


The products and services provided by Raj Global Solutions Inc. to be used in this project include many useful and innovative features.
Following is a brief synopsis of the major features and scope of this project which the hotel will benefit from:

♦ Enterprise Marketing ROI Tracking –
Capture more information about how your cards are used to determine how effective your presentation and marketing efforts are working.

♦ Desktop Installation –
The installer effectively multiplies the number of actual business card presentations by leaving it behind on the user’s computer.

♦ Contact Follow-up –
The CD-ROMs are programmed with contact forms that gather visitor information when they fill out a request form on your web-site. Your users are immediately sent an automated thank-you email and you are sent their information request.
♦ Artwork Advertising Free –
The final CD-ROM will provide the hotel with designs to market the hotel and its product & services. Unlike most other multimedia companies we do not put our logos or marks on the face of your business card CD-ROM.

♦ Custom Background –
We will create a custom graphic background of your choice which will match your corporate look and feel.

♦ Background Music –
Your presentation will also include a background music track of your choice. We have a large selection of stock selections and custom tracks can be licensed or created.

♦ Trade Show Autoplay Mode –
Let your presentation play by itself while letting your viewer take over at any time. Our presentations can be setup to guide your viewers page by page through your message. Perfect for trade shows, kiosks and sales demonstrations.

♦ IPIX Virtual Tour –
We specialize in 360 degree IPIX Virtual Reality Tours. An IPIX photograph is a single picture that shows an entire view of a room or location from floor to ceiling all the way around. IPIX is a unique type of photography only available on web sites and multimedia presentations.
♦ Video –
Short video clips can also be included in the CD-ROM presentation. Video clips can be advertorials, location tours, etc. Since the CD-ROMs size and space is limited to a few minutes, we will work with your team to determine how much video can be included.

♦ User Controllable –
Our presentations are designed for ease of use by beginners to experienced computer users. Audio feedback on buttons and clickable text, visual feedback on buttons and clickable text, navigation schemes consistent across presentation, pop-up help screens, animated visual buttons clues on each initial page view.


In order to complete the project, Raj Global Solutions Inc. will complete the following development tasks:

* Assign a Development Team to the Project.

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