Project Proposal Paper

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Project Proposal Paper
MGT/437 Project Management
June 20, 2011
Jenny Kirgis
Statement of Need

Through project planning a parking garage for a busy downtown area of a city will be built. The major benefactors of this project will be the visitors and inhabitants of this town. By adding additional parking the streets will remain less cluttered and traffic will flow more easily. Since newcomers to the area will be able to find easily accessible parking the overall down town area will benefit from being less congested. Additionally the fact that the garage will be covered will allow car owners to keep their cars away from the elements. The garage will also have security which will make ...view middle of the document...

Individuals will learn to make decisions on their own (Kerzner, 2006).

Throughout the duration of the project – each team member will need to remain focused and avoid the numerous activities that can “rob” time away from the project (Kerzner, 2006). Some of these distractions include:

• Delegation not done properly

• Budget adherence requirements

• Long-range planning not accomplished

Creating to-do list is an easy way to keep time controlled. Setting dates to have projects completed by and identifying the tasks that are a priority both can be done one these to-do lists. To help in creating this list – a project manager, or anybody involved with a task can use the following techniques to make sure efficiency remains intact (Kerzner, 2006):

• Do the tough part first

• Refuse to do the unimportant

• Control telephone and e-mail time

• Overcome procrastination

Taking all the above into consideration, the following plans have been laid for the project. The completion timeline of the garage is within a year. With the job site in a busy downtown area – the team does not want to clog up the daily routine of the community. The design and contracting should be done within a month. Once the team breaks ground, building of the main garage will occur within four months. With the main frame in place, a month will be taken to layout electrical and framework of security cameras. The following month, inspections will be done to make sure the building passes code.

The next two months will permit electrical to be placed. This will include lighting, security cameras, elevators, etc. Once complete, another month will be spent to make sure codes are still in compliance and make any corrections as needed. That will leave the team with two months in the end to work on the cosmetics – painting, hanging signs, etc. Although just a basic layout of the timeline – the team will be able to sit down and make specifics to help follow with the budget.

Budget: Expenses and Resource Constraints

Expenses and other resource constraints for a parking garage of a busy downtown area can be expensive. Additional expenses such as a covered parking garage and security will cause a big change in the budget putting a limited control on resources constraints.
The most important expense for this project will probably be the pay of the workers. These workers are usually from independent business contractor companies whose salaries are dependent on the length of the projects. In addition to the labor, the covering of the parking will be another expense because not all additional parking has a cover in downtown areas. Also the supplies needed for the project such as cement is also a rather large expense because of the large sqaure footage that the parking garage will cover. However, the most costly expense is the leasing or purchasing of the land. Based upon the square feet and the location this is...

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