Project Task List Essay

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Project Task-List
Forest Jordan
Sanford Schram

Project Task-List
TO: Matt Ryan CEO, Trainers, and All Employees
FROM: Forest Jordan, Project Manager
DATE: August 06, 2015
SUBJECT: 2-Day Training Exercise
The objective of this project is to plan and provide an offsite 2-day training session in Atlanta, GA. This training session is to help certify and recertify the new employees as well as current employees on the new implementation system. The participants will ARRIVE ON AUGUST 25TH, TRAIN ON AUGUST 26TH AND AUGUST 27TH, AND DEPART FROM THE HOTEL ON THE 28TH TO GO BACK HOME. There will be participants from each branch all over the country who will be attending this session. Each day will range from 6-8 hours of training, and 12-16 hours of training must be ...view middle of the document...

To compensate everyone for this training, you will be awarded time and a half for every hour completed during the training. Hotel reservations have been made to house all employees, new employees and trainers. There are two beds in every hotel room and rooms will be assigned to everyone with the same gender i.e. two males to one room, two females to one room. Breakfast lunch and dinner will also be provided by the hotel, if you choose to go out in town to eat you will not be compensated and must use your own money.
As stated with the accommodations the facility will be large enough to house all participants. It will be college style, meaning projection screen, white board, and each trainer will be able to utilize a microphone for voice projection. Air conditioning and also heat will be accessible to the facility and may depend on the outside weather, so please bring a jacket. Attire will be casual and no need to dress business casual we want everyone to be comfortable while they retain the information from the training.
Tasks and Resources
All department heads it is your responsibility to organize travel plans for your personnel who are attending the training. Also use the company website and credit card that was given to you to arrange the flight itinerary. Managers and Supervisors it is your responsibility to pick and choose which personnel are attending then relay that information to the department heads. Also managers get a firm head count so your department heads will know how many seats to book on the flight.
Knowledge gained from this will allow us to no longer need the use of outside assistance dealing with technical issues. Our employees will be knowledgeable of the system that they work on and will be able to fix any issues that may arise in the future. With that being said we will increase in monetary value as a company and also teach others in the future from what knowledge we have gained from this exercise.

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