Project Work Essay

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Aktobe Regional State University by K.Zhubanov

A project work
Theme: Anglicisms in modern language

Student: Ayzharykova L.
Group: ED – 208
Tutor: Suleimenova Z. E.

Aktobe 2014
The relevance of this study is that the consideration of issues related to the theory and practice of borrowing, especially important in today's conditions, because today expressed serious concerns about the strong influx of borrowing, which may ...view middle of the document...

Hypothesis: on the one hand the emergence of new words expands vocabulary, and on the other in connection with the use of a huge number of unnecessary borrowing clogging language lost its originality and unique beauty.
The overall objective of the research has identified specific objectives:
* Determine the reasons for borrowing the British elements in the Russian language;
* Analyze theoretical material related to borrowings;
* Consider ways of education Anglicisms;
* Classify the most used Anglicisms in the spheres of communication;
Plan of the project work:
1. The reasons for borrowing of Anglicisms in modern Russian
2. Using of foreign words – fashion or necessity?!
3. Modern anglicisms
4. Methods of forming Anglicisms
5. Classification of loans by areas of communication
6. Conclusion
7. List of references

1. The reasons for borrowing of Anglicisms in modern Russian
At the turn of the century time flies so fast, do not have time to reflect on everything new that appeared literally yesterday and this morning. As rapidly changing the language, or rather its vocabulary, that is, his vocabulary. In the process of historical development of human languages are constantly engage and continue to engage in certain contacts with each other. Language contact is an interaction of two or more languages that have any influence on the structure and vocabulary of one or many of them. At present, the interest of linguists focused on Russian-English language contacts. The emergence of a large number of foreign words of English origin, their rapid consolidation in the Russian language is due to rapid changes in the social and academic life. Enhancing information flows, the emergence of the global computer Internet system, the expansion of the interstate and international relations, the development of the global market economy, information technology, participate in contests, international festivals, fashion shows – all this could not lead to entry into the Russian language new words. We, the Russian people are tolerant to external influences. The openness of our society leads to a significant expansion of horizons of knowledge and Russians, to improve the knowledge of foreign languages. Intensified business, shopping, cultural ties, foreign tourism has blossomed; became commonplace long work of our experts in the institutions of other countries, functioning on the territory of Russia joint Russian-foreign companies. Increased need for intensive dialogue with people who use other languages. And this is – an important condition not only for direct borrowing vocabulary from these languages, but also to be attached to the native speakers of Russian international (and more often – created on the basis of the English language) terminological system.
There are several reasons that include foreign words in the vocabulary of the modern student:
1. The need for the name of the new phenomena, objects, concepts. For...

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