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Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in
Health and Social Care Settings

There are a number of acts regarding handling information that are relevant to the social care industry, such as the Data Protections Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, and the Freedom of Information Act, these acts dictate what information can be stored about a person, and whom is allowed access to this information. There are also other parts of legislation that deal with confidentiality and peoples human rights.

There are legal requirements within these acts that require the information that is stored to be accurate, and up to date ensuring that personal information is only used for specific lawful purposes. It is also stipulated that personal information should not be stored for longer than is necessary for its purpose, meaning that ...view middle of the document...

All of the information that is held electronically by the company can only be accessed by staff using a username and password, your username is linked into a secure system that only allows access to relevant documents, ensuring that other items are still blocked and may only be accessed by people with a higher authority. The IT system is also a closed system, so that the information can only be accessed from within the company, using the company computers.

Any information stored on paper, such as the daily journals, are taken to the achieve after use, and are stored in a secure room. It is good practice within the industry to ensure that any information that is not being achieved is shredded after use, and that all IT systems have been logged out of once you have finished with them, this ensures that the information stored within is kept private and confidential. On both paper and electronic documentation is also good practice to ensure that you have signed and dated any entries that you make, and that all entries are legible, accurate and complete.

As a team leader I also try to ensure that my staff understand the need for the secure handling of information, and follow any guidance that has been put into place, and that they understand the importance of secure record keeping. They are often reminded at supervision level of the importance of confidentiality regarding our residents, and the need only to share information with relevant, interested parties. I also ensure that they attend any relevant or compulsory training throughout the year; this enables staff to contribute to the efficient running of the company and improves their ability to contribute to both manual and electronic records.

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