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Promote Innovation In A Team Essay

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BBSBSINN301A Project Promote innovation in a team environment
Task 1
A] Appendix 1 has been reviewed and highlighted the interesting characteristics of every individual.
B] The team members that I would have in the initial phase are Li and David. The reason being that initial stages of any process are more about drafting and planning stages and these two have the visionary and innovative acumen that can create great ideas and drafts for later refining.
C] Team goals
1. Create innovative marketing campaign
2. Organise an opening event
3. Incite tasting trial
Goal number one was chosen as this is the first step into differentiation and penetration strategy if the business ...view middle of the document...

The reasons being Adnan is a great logician with all the necessary skills for a project from being analytical, rational and being a problem solver on top of his great IT skills and CAD modelling that we might need for the project.
Susan is well organised, on time and follows procedures, which are great assets to any project and she is very good at all functions of MS Office.
F] Project ground rules for this innovating marketing campaign:
1. Project manager is the primary contact for any project related communication.
2. All team members maintain their contact info on the team contact list with contact preference.
3. All members attend required meetings and conference calls; if unable to attend, meeting organizer to be notified.  If key contributor is unable to attend, request to reschedule the meeting.
4. Any planned day off or vacation must be communicated in advance to project manager so that project plan can be updated and impact to work, if any, can be analysed.
5. All project team members have access to project plan and project logs (in a standard document format) and are aware of the assigned tasks and due dates.
6. All team members are to be consulted about the reasonableness of the plan prior to management approval.
7. All team members are required to validate their assignments and time allocated prior to the plan is baselined.
8. All project team members have the responsibility to proactively notify the project manager about tasks, duration or dependencies they believe are missing (or any other needed changes to the plan) and confront issues directly and promptly.
G] Li- Responsibility will be to create marketing brief due to her creative powers
David- work on idea generation to encompass the brief created by Li so that it is original and captivating. This responsibility was chosen for him due to his innovator nature.
Adnan- has the responsibility to generate computer related models, facets of the whole project by working with Li and David. This was mainly because of his CAD modelling skills.
Susan- has the responsibility of being the coordinator due to her excellent procedural values and time management skills that are not compared to any other team member.
H] Li will complete a marketing brief within a week and she has to organise an hour presentation session with the project team. Progress of this activity will be monitored and assessed by the project team leader and general feedback from all project stakeholders.
Adnan will undertake the activity of designing graphics for the project and has 4 weeks to complete that task. He has to liaise with everyone and he will do that through webinars and tele conferencing to gather all ideas and information. The goal is to come up with graphics that are easy on the eye and unique to gain attention and interest of our target market.
Susan will be the overall coordinator of the whole project. Her timeframe will be in line with the whole project timeframe...

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