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Promoting A Healthy Environment For Children

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Promoting a healthy environment for children

In a society people of different age limit dwells. Children are the most junior part of the society. Today’s children are tomorrow’s young and aged generation. Children are just like seed of nature tree. For building solid, sound and healthy nation, sound and healthy children are must. So children’s health is very much concerning issue not only for a country but also for whole.
Throughout the world children are suffering from malnutrition and carious diseases. They are not only struggling with physical fitness but also from psychological health. Wars, domestic violence, family quarrels, increase in broken families are impacting ...view middle of the document...

From developed to underdeveloped countries are affected by that. But are matter of regret is that children are getting involved in crime and terrorism. Even in most cases they are abused by the others in crime and terrorist activities. So immediately a common law is needed to stop the abuse of children. Legislation should be enforced against the person who is using children in terrorist activities.
Even when a child is arrested for criminal offense, he or she should not be judged as the adults criminals are. Their sentence should be bit different from adults. In their prison period they should be nurtured to get back in main stream of society.

Legislation against abuse in domestic violence:
In third world countries domestic violence in political issues has become very common incidence. Domestic violence has become extreme in Middle East countries. In those domestic violence children are getting involved by force. In some cases on their willingness law must be enrolled to keep children away from that violence.

Legislation in war period for children:
Twenty first century has experienced brutality of several war fields. Like- Iraq, Afghanistan, Philistine many anonymous. In those war children are the worst victim. They have lost their houses, schools. Many of them have become orphan.
World conscious community must step forward to safeguard the rights of the children at war period. Law must be enforced against destruction of civilian habitant, educational institutions, killing, forcing to take part in battle field.

Legislation regarding education:
Education is a basic right of each human being. Educations enlighten one’s world. All developed countries have ensured these facilities for their children. But the scenario of the third world countries is completely opposite. A huge number of children are deprived from the lights of education. They have hardly legislation for education of their children. Because of poor socio economic condition they are unable to facilitate education. UNICEF and other economic developed country have come forward in spearing lights of education. Those counties need to develop strategy and law to make successful unicef and others attempt. Even UNICEF is helping formulating laws.

Legislation regarding child law:
Child labor is a common scenario of underdeveloped and developing countries. Because of extreme poverty parents are sending their children to work. Even sometimes children are willingly going to work for earning additional income for family. Situation makes them bound to do work in lieu of studding. They work in various sectors; from general to very risky work. Employers are very interested to employ children because child’s labor is very cheap.
Already UNICEF has banned children labor third world countries child labor is also banned but not implemented fully. If it does, people will die without food. Legislation should be little bit flexible there. Children can be employed but not in...

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