Promotion And Training Essay

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Promotion and Training in Management
Chariti Luttrell
OMM618: Human Resources Management
Instructor Rachana Misraraj
August 20, 2012

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Promotion and Training in Management
The day of promotion into upper level management is both exciting and rewarding. It will not be easy to find a replacement for my last position and applying what I have learned on the job as well as through my educational experience. The selection process will be tedious and worthwhile as to find the exact candidate to ...view middle of the document...

Find out what training is available for the role. Ensure that you attend appropriate training so that you know as much as possible

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about what you need to know. Look at incentive schemes to understand the behaviors that these reward ” (Stress Management from Mind Tools, 2012, para.5).

The next area would be to recognize the organization’s policies and culture. It is important to know that “your job exists for a reason – this will ultimately be determined by the strategy of the organizational unit you work for. This strategy is often expressed in a mission statement. In some way, what you do should help the organization achieve its mission (if it does not, you have to ask yourself how secure the job is!) Make sure you understand and perform well the tasks that contribute to the strategy. Similarly, every organization has its own culture – its own, historically developed values, rights and wrongs, and things that it considers to be important. If you are new to an organization, talk through with established, respected members of staff to understand these values. Make sure that you understand this culture. And make sure that your actions reinforce the company’s culture, or at least do not go against it. Looked at through the lens of culture, will the company value what you do? Check that your priorities are consistent with this mission statement and the company culture” (Stress Management from Mind Tools, 2012, para. 6-9).

In addition, it is important to find out who plays the most important role within the organization. The skills and the mindsets of those that are successful need to be taken into consideration so that those skills can be learned and applied. “Look at what they do and learn from them. Understand what skills make them successful, and learn those skills” (Stress Management from Mind Tools, 2012, para. 10). Having the most talented people to do the job is most important in order for the organization to be successful and to obtain and reach their goals.

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The last stage of having a successful job analysis is to “confirm priorities with your boss. By this stage, you should have a thorough understanding of what your job entails, and what your key objectives are. You should also have a good idea of the resources that you need, and any additional training you may need to do the best you can.
This is the time to talk the job through with your boss, and confirm that you share an understanding of what constitutes good performance in the role. It is also worth talking through serious inconsistencies, and agreeing how these can be managed or corrected” (Stress Management from Mind Tools, 2012, para. 12-14). In the end, the job analysis technique will give the employee a precise understanding of the roles and ideas of the corporation.

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