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Pronouns Essay

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PRONOUN WORKSHEETMKT 343 Name:Instructions: Please highlight the correct answers for the questions below. You may submit your worksheet via Blackboard.1. (Him, He) and (I, me) go to the movies once a week.2. By 4:00, Sheila and (he, him) had already decided to get married.3. Although John and (her, she) went to the same school, they never met.4. Sam and (me, I) practice trumpet on Sunday.5. (Them, They) received gifts for their birthday.6. Joseph and (he, ...view middle of the document...

9. (We, Us) students want to thank you for a good course.10. Your class was a treat for (we, us) students.11. Carlos and (me, I) plan to take Spanish this spring because Mr. Rodriguez will be our teacher.12. Professor Simmons gave Lucy and (I, me) the highest grades in the class.13. Why don't you give (us, we) short people a chance to play basketball?14. For (we, us) there is nothing like a cold beer on a hot day.15. The school awarded the coach and (me, I) a medal.16. We ran after David and (she, her) to give them the money they had left behind.17. After all, (we, us) people have rights too.18. The tutor helped my brother and (me, I) with our math homework.19. Sally and (him, he) played tennis against Tom and (me, I).20. Jose and (her, she) missed the train.21. Between you and (me, I), I don't like spinach.22. Those green apples made Ellen and (him, he) sick.23. (He, Him) and his wife live alone now that the children are grown.24. Terry is a better golfer than (he, him).25. No restrictions apply to (you, yourself).26. Betty had a more exciting summer than (I, me).27. Jim got more financial aid than (I, me).28. You have a longer assignment than (I, me).29. Dick hasn't studied as hard as (I, me).30. Meg is a faster reader than (he, him).

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