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Propaganda is information to bring together people behind a cause, but often at the cost of exaggerating, , or even lying about the issues in order to gain that support and used to promote and to publicize a particular cause or point of view. The posters were used misrepresenting in WW1 to accomplish the goals of various governments because they want to justify their involvement to their own population, to recruit men, a way to raise money and resources to sustain the military campaign and to urge conservation.The first poster (Appendix A) that I chose is the one that says "Women of Britain say- 'GO!' " which means that the woman want their men to go to war and support their country and ...view middle of the document...

The second poster (Appendix B) where the man is pointing to the house says "YOUR COUNTRY'S CALL isn't this worth fighting for? ENLIST NOW". This means that they want people to support their country that is fighting in the war and want men to join as well. It also tells a story the main message is that we should help our country because it should be worth fighting for. One of the tricks used in this poster is transfer because the use of symbols like the house gets us to stir our emotion and win our approval because the men would be fighting for our land and rights. The technique used in this poster is that it is colourful so it makes it eye catching and people get attracted by colourful things. This is effective because many people don't read posters that don't attract their attentions and since this poster is colourful and tells a story it attracts people to read it and so they don't just pass by it.The third propaganda poster (Appendix C) that I have chosen shows a man pointing and saying "your country needs you". This poster is trying to say that the country you live in needs you to help fight in the war referring to mostly men. They are trying to attract men so that they will be convinced that the country they live in needs them and gives men a chance to enlist into the war. This is glittering generalities trick because it is a vague, sweeping statement. The techniques used in this propaganda poster is the man pointing because it attracts people to go to the poster and see what it says since its pointing at you, also the word "YOU" in the poster is in large printing so you can see it from far. These techniques are effective because it attracts people to go and read the poster and they might get...

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