Proper Maintenance Of Garden Sheds Essay

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Sheds are very useful for storage. The most common shed in domestic use are garden sheds. They are not only useful, but having a garden shed is an added attraction to your lawn as well. Having a shed does not end there; it requires proper building and maintenance. It is important that you keep the garden shed from prolonged sun and water exposure. Keeping it clean is also an assurance that it will be of use for a long time.

The most common type of garden shed is wooden sheds because they match right to a garden environment. Not only that wood is a renewable source but also, it can be easily modified. You can add any detail to the garden shed anytime you feel like it. Wood may be a material of strength but through time it can rot, decay or grow moldy. That ...view middle of the document...

Tannic Acid is a basic ingredient in the chemical staining of wood. The tannic acid or tannin is already present in woods like oak, walnut, and mahogany. The oxalic acid is a unique wood bleach, which may help on the darkening effect of tannic acid on wood. It does not only brighten the wood, but it can protect the wood from external exposures.

Application of stains and preservatives on wood is highly recommended. Both can be applied to wooden made garden sheds to prevent damage. The damages are usually caused by water exposure, extensive heat, and sudden changes of weather from time to time, termite attacks and other wood attacking insects. Having a colored preservative is also an advantage, if you like your garden sheds to stand out. Red cedar is commonly used as a colored stain. It is also naturally water resistant, which is best in the maintenance of wood.

Finally, seal up your wood for longevity. Application of transparent or semitransparent stain avoids water intrusion, which is a big destructive factor on any kind of wood. Using such can also enhance the wood’s appeal and a transparent finish can also preserve the natural color and texture of wood. But, more than any other reason it should hinder the penetration of water into the wood material. So make certain that, your clear coating has a water proof ingredient on it.

Garden sheds are not only useful but a source of beauty as well, in every home. It is important to keep them preserved to be used for a long time.

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