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Proper Uniform Essay

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Some of the reasons are as follows first being in the proper uniforms in stows good discipline, second being in the proper uniform makes the unit look professional, third not being in the proper uniform can lead to UCMJ and or noUCMJ discipline nary actions. Also attached is descriptions of some of the proper United States Army uniforms to include the Army Physical Fitness uniform also known as APFT uniform and the Advanced combat Uniform also known as the ACU'S.
First we will talk about how being in the proper uniform can and does in stow good discipline in a soldier and all those around him or her. When a soldier is in the proper uniform it makes him or her feel proud of himself and the ...view middle of the document...

they can ether give you corrective training in the form of PT or righting a essay or just something off the wall that they thought of. If you are continuing to be in the wrong uniform the can give you an negative counseling statement and if after that you still are showing up in the wrong uniform you can get an article 15 loss rank and pay get extra duty ect.
I should be in proper uniform because it shows that I can be a leader and shows my fellow battle buddies and that I am able to take orders from my chain of command. Being in the proper uniform shows that I am no different than any of my battle buddies. We are a team and when one person tries to be different for example, not wearing the proper uniform in which then shows lack of discipline. Therefore, in order to be a leader I need to make sure that I have the proper uniform one for that work day. If I should have any problems trying to decide what to wear for the work day then I should contact my team leader and ask him/her what is needed for that particular work day.
If I cannot get a hold of my team leader then I should refer AR 670-1 (14-2). Which list the proper uniform for PT that I should have on me at all time weather I think I need it or not and goes as follows: 1.gray army PT T-shirt, 2. trunks, general purpose, gray, 3. Sweatpants, gray, 4. Sweatshirt, hooded, gray, with zipper, 5. cap, nit, green, and for the IPFU I should have on me at all time is as follows: 1. Jacket, running, gray and black, 2. Pants, running, black, 3. Trunks, running, black, moisture-wicking, 4. T-shirt, gray, short sleeve, moisture-wicking, 5. T-shirt, gray, long sleeve, moisture-wicking, 6. cap, knit, green. Everything that I have listed above is issued to me therefore, I should have everything on this list and should have no-problem wearing the proper uniform.
However, my command can also add items to the list such as, plain white ankle sock or calf length ( no logos or markings), authorized commercial running shoes, authorized gloves, and reflective gear with again no logo or unauthorized markings. If I should have any questions about...

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