Proposal For An Advanced Art Project

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Proposal for An Advanced Art Project

First off, I need to propose my theme that will encompass the
majority of my art works in my stated media. Out of painting, print making
and sculpture, I am choosing to work with the latter for two main reasons.
One, I'm not that great at capturing visual ideas on the somewhat two-
dimensional surface of paper or canvas. Adding to that I thought that
sculpture would allow me to have a greater release of creativity as my work
can explode into the third dimension with many added features. After
pondering upon ideas for a theme, I hit upon four major factors that I want
to incorporate within my work. Firstly, I want it to make a ...view middle of the document...

There are six in total, including myself and the teacher. There are six
sides on a cube and this gave rise to idea for a project. The final result
of this co-relates to idea number 9. Soon after, idea 10 followed as I got
to thinking about the "average" student of art. This can also include the
teacher, because no matter what level we are, we still may always learn

One thing I seem to find is that by working around the late night/early
morning period, my creative juices just seem to flow better and I get a lot
more productive work done. Also I need many special tools and thus maybe I
will spend the majority of my project time in my room where I have all the
things I need all around me. That way I can also work in bits and pieces,
working whenever I get the inspiration to do so. This way, my art will
benefit in the fact that it was made in the most fruitful portions of my
labour. It can also be made more enjoyable this way, if I know I don't
have to work within a structured time on the project. Maybe the time I
spend in the classroom can be spend on finishing touches with paint and
other items that I don't have available to me in my room. Also I can do
sketches and drawings of improvements and modifications to existing proto-

I have had considerable difficulty finding a main mentor, first of all
because I think my style is fairly obscure, and I also use such a variety
of materials, that I couldn't seem to locate an artist that I could relate
myself and my work to. By a twist of fate, while looking through Canadian
Art magazines, I came across an article titled "The Body Electric." This
article describes Jana Sterbak, originally native to Czechoslovakia, she
came to Canada in 1968 at the age of 13. She has been educated in New York
and Vancouver, having also lived there and now shifts between Montreal and
Toronto, where she frequently exhibits her work. In a way she reminds me
of Van Gogh in that she creates her work for herself, and then attempts to
impress the vigor and zest that she feels with her work upon others in an
enthusiastic way. She utilizes many different forms of materials, and
likes to use electricity to her advantage to bring some life into the piece.
One piece of her work that I really enjoy is entitled "I want you to feel
the way I do." This sculpture, while seemingly relatively simple, is
associated with a lot of strong feelings of the artist, and through her
work she is attempting to impress them upon you, the viewer. As you
approach the piece, a motion detector senses your movement and activates
the power to the projector and the nichrome wire that encircles the wire
mesh frame. The projector shows a message on the wall that helps convey
the feelings of the artist while the nichrome wire surrounding the wire
mesh heats up like a toaster, giving off a wave of heated air towards the
viewer. If this doesn't draw your attention to the piece,...

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