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Proposed Research Essay

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Proposed Research Topic: It will examine how the weather conditions affect the usage of the different car models offered by the car sharing service.
For Car Sharing Models it is very important to offer cars which are most needed by the customer. One factor which influences the demand of the customers could be the weather. This question has to be answered to react on the customers needs. Due to the fact that the competitive situation in this branch is under pressure it is very important for Car Sharing Models to offer cars which are most needed by the customer. To achieve a high acceptance of the customer the planning of the buying department has to be adjusted to the customer ...view middle of the document...

The data is already available in the Car Sharing software system. Therefore the data has to be exported to a software program where the data can be edited. Moreover the weather data is already available in a weather data base.
The analyses of the data will base on a factor analyses. This method proofs the dependency of the different factors. To answer the question if the weather influences the car sharing behaviour of the customer, the data of CarSharing and the weather data will be connected by calculating the coefficient of correlation. The correlation shows the level of connection between two factors. The coefficient is calculated by the formula
1. Supply of the data which is necessary to answer the question
a. Detailed weather data from the cities where Car Sharing is available
b. Usage utilization of the different models
2. Analysis of the data regarding weather conditions, customer preferences and utilization of the different models:
a. The weather has to be made measurable by allocation of values, herby a combination of rainfall and temperature could be used
b. The temperature is located on the x- aches, the rainfall on the other horizontal aches and the number of rental agreements is located on the y- aches
c. For every car model an own diagram has to be made
d. For every hour the weather and the numbers of rentals has to be connected and entered into a diagram as a point
e. A clouds of points is generated
f. A regression line shows the tendency
g. To compare the different results the coefficient of correlation is calculated
h. The coefficient should be between -1 and 1, to show if the factors are connected
i. The results has to be compared
3. Write a research report which shows up the results and the consequences for the purchase
Result: As result different graphs will be developed. These graph is chosen as example:

Car Type: BMW 1 convertible
Temperature in
degree Celsius Rainfall in mm
40 33
35 30
30 27
25 ...

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