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Our recommendations of two wireless technologies are WLAN and Wi-fi. With WLAN it would service as a platform, which adds mobility to business solutions. What the WLAN does that would be beneficial to our business is that the WLAN would be integrated within intermountain wired network, it would also support a large range of devices and applications and would also offer centralized network management services. WIFI would also be a great asset due to its mobility. Wi-Fi is ideal due to not having any cables, which is basically wired LAN. The wifi wireless technology would provide an Internet connection giving users access to a small geographical perimeter giving about 100 feet access. This type of service would allow us to communicate wirelessly, mobile devices such As laptops and desktops.
A Wireless local area network or a WLAN is the use of high frequency radio waves along with the use of an internet access point ...view middle of the document...

There are different devices that can be purchased to give a user Wifi access anywhere they go, this is called a hotspot. There is a great advantage to having a hotspot device because the user is not limited to where they can be basically anywhere they go all they have to do is turn on the device, which is a small square and link any laptop, phone, or tablet to it with a password. One advantage is that a user can link up to 10 devices at one time to the hotspot. The disadvantage is that it can be costly. There are different plans available through different providers. The more speed and the more gigabytes the user wants, the more costly it will be. The more inexpensive providers might not have good reception in a lot of areas and the areas they do get reception it usually is slow.
Both WLAN and WIFI use radio waves to give access to the internet, the difference is that WLAN is a network of different computers all using basically the same server in an area of 100 feet, according to the website Difference" A wifi is a trademark name to brand devices compliant IEEE 802.11 standards".
There are many risk factors for when using wireless technology within the department. When using wireless technology the department becomes vulnerable to many different interruptions. The most common interruption is wireless technology is hackers. When using wireless technology it allows hackers to access the departments’ information and data transmitted through this wireless technology. Hackers also place firewalls and other service attacks within the technology that can affect the workflow of the department. The reason for our teams’ choice of WLAN and WiFi for the use of wireless technology within our department was cost and convenience of this technology. This technology also supports the growth of mobility and applications in the department.


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