Pros And Cons Of A Teenage Same Sex Relationship

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Although same-sex teenage relationships were looked down on before and were not common, today many teens are in a same-sex relationship. This is critical to developing sexual and social identities. In this paper, readers will learn the ups and downs of teenagers in a world of relationships and sexuality. Growing up in a home with parents of the same sex is viewed in negative ways to a lot of people, but studies show that a child is well adjusted to being raised under a roof with parents of the same sex just as well as a child with a male and female parent under the same roof. (Same-Sex Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Kids, Louise Chang, MD)
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If a teen is in a relationship with the same sex, it increases self-esteem levels. More teenagers have a decrease in homophobia when exposed to these relationships, which is critical to developing their sexual and social statuses. Often sexual activity can lead to STD’s between members of the same sex, and this is what most adults worry about when it comes to their teenagers having unprotected sex with their partners when they are in a same-sex relationship.
There are a lot of programs and people that interact with teens and talk to them about these type of things, mainly all young adults practice safe sex with their partner, deeming these programs functional and helpful. In today’s society, more people look at the negative aspects of everything, but there are a lot more positive aspects on the topic of a guy being in a relationship with another guy, and a girl being in a relationship with another girl. Such as: The relationship benefiting the economy; “Marriage Makes Cents.” (Same-Sex Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Kids, Louise Chang, MD)
Many people wonder if a child growing up in a home with two same sex parents, alters their perspective on their own sexuality. “Recognizing that lesbians and gays can be good parents, the vast majority of states no longer deny custody or visitation to a person based on sexual orientation. State agencies and courts now apply a “best interest of the child” standard to decide these cases.” (Overview of Lesbian and Gay Parenting, Adoption and Foster Care, April 6, 1999)
Do all types of abuse lead to a change in sexual interest? Many victims of abuse, such as sexual and physical abuse, at a young age experience not only the traumatizing flashbacks and horrible thoughts of their abuse, but also the feelings and changes in their sexual and social identity. Some survivors of physical abuse, especially males, have a tendency to grow up shy and keep to themselves as they realize that they are becoming interested in other males. Although there are studies shown that victims of sexual abuse tend to be asexual for most of their life, as victims of physical abuse are most likely to be victimized again, and have no sexual...

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