Pros And Cons Of Bring Your Own Device

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Pros and Cons of BYOD

Corey Stafford
CIS 333- Networking Security Fundamentals
Prof. Robert Whale
April 27, 2014

The concept of bring your own device or BYOD is a growing trend for business IT. There are a

variety of benefits to allowing users to supply their own PCs and mobile devices, but there are also 

some concerns. Companies must make sure you they understand both in order to embrace BYOD

with confidence and not leave vulnerabilities to their companies’ assets.
It used to be that IT departments rove technology, but that has changed dramatically in recent years. The consumerization of the IT revolution sparked by the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy ...view middle of the document...

.. | Good Community", 2013).That brings us to the second significant benefit: worker satisfaction. Users have the laptops and smartphones they have for a reason, those are the devices they prefer, and they like them so much they invested their hard-earned money in them. Of course they’d rather use the devices they love rather than being stuck with laptops and mobile devices that are selected and issued by the IT department.
There are two corollary advantages that come with BYOD as well. BYOD devices tend to be more cutting edge, so the organization gets the benefit of the latest features and capabilities. Users also upgrade to the latest hardware more frequently than the painfully slow refresh cycles at most organizations. Companies also reap the benefits of saving money as well. According to a 2013 study released by Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group, U.S. companies can save as much as $3,150 per employee per year if they implement a “comprehensive” BYOD program that basically gives employees access to all the information they need to do their jobs from their personal devices (Ackerman, 2013).
While BYOD can be useful, it has it’s setbacks as there are many issues to consider. By embracing BYOD, organizations lose much of the control over the IT hardware and how it is used. Company-issued IT typically comes with an acceptable use policy, and it is protected by company-issued security that is managed and updated by the IT department. It is a little bit trickier telling an employee what is or is not, an “acceptable use” of their own laptop or smartphone. In a 2013 Network World article, it was reported that 60% of companies have a no BYOD policy but 24% make exceptions for their executives, which have more accessibility to sensitive information (Network World Asia 2013). As a result the organizations are more susceptible to data loss and serious compliance issues. Switching to BYOD means you have to keep an eye on licensing too. IT needs to make sure it has enough licences for all the BYOD kits, which can eat into the cost savings. Under some licences, the software can only...

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