Pros And Cons Of Tumblr (Not Mine)

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Tumblr, which is actually a popular tumblogging platform and is a bit different from traditional blog, The term tumblogging is most commonly referred to as microblogging where users will be able to share content like text, images, audio and video files. Like all other platforms Tumblr has its own advantages and disadvantages and in here is the list of its pros and cons.

Pros of Tumblr Platform
Well designed, good-looking and easily to start with interface.
Excellent set of templates made by world-class web designers are available for free.
You post whatever you like Photos, Videos, text, audio files, links and add them to your conversations.
Excellent and cool social networking system which are similar to Twitter, with option to follow other blogs.
Could integrate well with social networks and will be able to post Twitter feed without modifications.
Easy mobility options, You can post through email, phone, and even by a SMS.
Excellent Mobile apps available for ...view middle of the document...

Tumblr has quite a few appreciable qualities. Not too long ago, I, along with a few other blogs, received an anon message that stated that my blog was wonderful and that I was doing great. This anon is not the only one trying to promote a positive atmosphere- many anons use their hidden identity as a way to praise people they follow. Tumblr is also a community. Sometimes, you’re able to create relationships with others and bond through common interests. For example, by simply playing a game and actively making my love for the game known, I, along with others, have become a part of the “Mystery Room Family,” a group titled after the game “Layton Brothers: Mystery Room.” I’ve made quite a few friends from that fandom, and enjoy discussing characters and headcannons with my new friends. The main issue that users must deal with on Tumblr is arguably the anonymous hate, a situation where someone sends a user an anonymous message with hurtful words or threats. Anon hate is a form of bullying, and there are cases on Tumblr when the anons can become overwhelming. Anon hate is a wretched practice and more prominent than one would hope. In addition, there are often arguments regarding values or opinions pertaining to current events, different kinds of blogs (fandom vs. hipster), or even popular t.v. shows, movies, video games or other forms of entertainment. Sharing opinions is not inherently bad, considering it provides an outlet, but users tend to get a little defensive and this shows through the vicious attacks on people with varying opinions. The thing about Tumblr is that it isn’t much different from everyday life. Everyone expects it to be either a loving haven with people like you or a place that is filled with online predators. Tumblr has both. That is a fact that cannot be denied. However, what most fail to realize, is that the same people, good and bad, are present in our daily lives just as they are online. Social networking sites are merely another way of communicating with others. On Tumblr, you will come across negativity, but you’ll also meet wonderful people that can brighten your darkest hour. I firmly believe that those wonderful people are worth it, don’t you?

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