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Pros And Cons Of Tv Advertising

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The Pros of Advertising Food on Television
There are several advantages to advertising on television. One of the main ones and the most obvious is visual. You cannot do this on the radio. You can advertise anything on television simply by having an ad run continuously even on just one station. With visuals, people can actually see what they are buying which is one of the main keys to selling your product. You can add audio if you choose too or play audio from the product if that is the type of product you are advertising. It is much easier to get your point across in television add than a radio add. Within the first few seconds of a commercial, you already know if you want to buy the ...view middle of the document...

Children start viewing television at an early age so many advertisers being marketing to children immediately.
Advertising is central to the marketing of the US food supply. The US food system is the second largest advertiser in the American economy and takes up plenty of space on television, newspapers, magazines, billboard, and radio advertisements. Nearly 13% of Americans spend their money on food and most of them buy food consistently from the same places. This means, if you like Burger King, then you tend to eat there more than you would other places. And every time you see a Burger King commercial advertising a new deal, you cannot wait to go and buy it. However, people’s views on food can change rapidly because of new information, more money in their pockets so they can afford different foods, or new health information about certain foods. Food advertising is very important for name brands which make up over 80% of the food on the market. People recognize brands like Tyson, Kellogg’s, Frosted Flakes, Big Mac’s, and the list goes on and on.
It is estimated that children in the United States watch anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 commercials per year and will have been exposed to approximately 360,000 television ads before they turn 18 (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2013). Food ads are the most frequently advertised product category on US children's television and food ads account for over 50% of all ads targeting children (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2013). Children probably see at least one food commercial within 5 minutes of watching television and closer to 3 hours’ worth of food commercials in a week.
One study showed that food ads are very prevalent during Saturday mornings which is when children are watching cartoons the most because they normally do not have to get up and go to school on the weekends. Children watch around 53 hours of food advertisements just on Saturday mornings alone. Roughly 57% of all the commercials were food advertisements (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2013). Almost half of the commercials are advertising unhealthy foods such as candy, chips, cakes, pastries, and soda.
Fast food advertising was also very heavy, totaling around 11% of total food commercials. Breakfast cereals that are high in sugar are shown the most and they blatantly target children with Fruit Loops, Cap’n Crunch, Honey Smacks and Lucky Charms. There were no commercials marketing fruits or vegetables. Doctors like to recommend that children eat healthy but the United States television advertisements do not reflect this. This is obviously not positive, however, it works for the advertisers and that is why it is beneficial to market to children. Parents are more likely to go out and buy their small children whatever they want, whether it’s McDonald’s or Frosted Flakes. Children usually can recognize the...

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