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Prostitution In Our Society Essay

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Deteriorating women in our Society

According to Hoffman, “Prostitution violates the right to physical and moral integrity by the alienation of women’s sexuality that is appropriated, debased and reduced to a commodity to be bought and sold.” If prostitution were to be legalized, would it be morally right for every man to look at every women in a “whore-ish” manner; with them thinking that every women who walks around is bound to sell her body? I believe it is wrong and immoral. Legalizing prostitution would bring down women's’ morals down. Not only their morals, but there would be an increase in crimes and rapes and the risks of diseases would highly increase. Every person ...view middle of the document...

Along with the increase of date rapes and crimes and the crashing reputation, legalized prostitution would lead to life threatening diseases. There is already a high percentage of people with diseases such as HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, etc who are not involved in prostitution. Think about the number of women that would run a risk if legalized prostitution was an added factor. The percentage would double or even triple. More and more women would have a risk of dying at an earlier age. Although there are condoms that one could use to reduce diseases, the percent of men who want to have sex with women without using a condom is about half. In one of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, the co-executive director, Janice Raymond, stated some statistics about the U.S. Women in prostitution. The report was that 47% stated that men expected sex without a condom; 73% reported that men offered to pay more for sex without a condom; 45% of women said they were abused if they insisted that men use condoms. If a women involved in prostitution was pregnant, it is very likely that the child have problems when they are born of if they are even able to be conceived. This also leads to another problem of abortion. Abortion is another major issue which is trying to be resolved in today’s society as well. People have been debating whether to make abortion legal or illegal. Prostitution is just another factor; it just comes hand in hand. Talking about the deaths caused by diseases, those are not the only reasons that could trigger death, it could be suicidal as well. Prostitution is not only a physical aspect, but mental too. Some women who are involved in prostitution could feel disappointed in themselves to the point where they feel as if they should not live.
Another danger of legal prostitution would be the increase of sex trafficking and the unwanted, forceful physical activities taking place without one’s will. This not only affects the adult women,...

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