Ps 301 Research Methods Essay

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Topic: Who are the voters and nonvoters?Hypotheses: A persons party affiliation affects if they vote or not.Variables:· Independent variable: party· Dependent variable: voting record· Control variables: age and educationResearch Design: ...view middle of the document...

The Democratic Party U.S.http://www.democrats.org2. Federation of American Scientist. Intelligence Resource Program National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. NASPAA(US)http://naspaa.org5. The Republican Partyhttp://rnc.org6. President (US)http://www.whitehouse.govScott,I was not sure how you wanted the sources listed. If this is not correct, just write so and list an example please. I will have more sources, but I am not sure what they will be at this point. Any ideas about something that I should change, re-think, re-name, etc. please just let me know and I will change them in order for a better paper.

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