Psy 103 Remembering Feeling Thinking Worksheet

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Remembering, Feeling, and Thinking Worksheet

Part I: Motivation, Emotion, and Behavior

Explain the relationships between motivation, emotion, and behavior. How does emotion affect motivation? Provide an example of a specific behavior, and the motivators and emotions that can be behind that behavior. Your response must be at least 300 words.

Motivation is something that we as human beings all possess. There is obvious levels of motivation, these levels make a substantial difference between a regular Joe and a multi-billion dollar executive. What drives a person to reach his/her full potential is motivation, whether good or bad. ...view middle of the document...

What makes this theory less valid to you than the others? Your response must be at least 300 words.

The four major theories of emotion are the James-Lange theory, the Cannon-Bard theory, the Schacter-Singer theory, and the Lazarus theory. The James-Lange theory claims that an event first causes physiological arousal and also a physical response.  It is not until then that the person interprets the physical response as an emotion. The Cannon-Bard theory states that emotion -provoking stimuli are received by the senses and are then relayed simultaneously to the cerebral cortex, which provides the conscious mental experience of the emotion, and to the sympathetic nervous system, which produces the physiological state of arousal. The Schacter-Singer theory states that for an emotion to occur there must first be a physiological arousal, and second there must be an explanation for the arousal. The Lazarus theory is the theory that an emotion-provoking stimulus triggers a cognitive appraisal, which is followed by the emotion and physiological arousal. The most valid theory of emotion is the Cannon-Bard theory. He says that being afraid of something not only constitutes emotional fear, but it also brings about a rapid heartbeat. Concurring with the Cannon-Bard theory, we have a many different nerve systems within the human body that can be triggered simultaneously. This theory is more valid then the rest simply because of the adrenaline that is release into your body when excited or in the mist of eminent danger. The James-Lange theory is the least accurate. He says that we become angry so we strike something. This is not necessarily true, musicians...

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