Psy 210 Final Project: Case Study

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Final Project: Case Study
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1. What are the causes of stress in Jennifer’s life? How is stress affecting Jennifer’s health?

Critical life changes, either pleasant or not may cause stress, particularly if the change requires major life changes and in this case, Jennifer is experiencing both. Jennifer recently married Antonio an Italian engineer currently they live together in Nebraska, Jennifer commutes an hour each way to her work. Marriage and moving can be exciting changes; however, they both need adjustments and can cause stress. Jennifer now has a much longer commute, which can help to aid stress.
Jennifer and Antonio have been trying now for over a year to start a ...view middle of the document...

The blow of these stressor are influencing Jennifer’s health and making her question herself. She begun to question her efficiency as an employee, she has questioned her role of a wife and she has begun to questioning her future role of becoming a mother. On top of that, she is skeptical of her role as a good daughter probably due to the fact of facing the possibility of sending her father away to a nursing home instead of taking care of him herself.
All these stressors in Jenifer’s life threaten to interfere with her self-concept and her self-esteem. Self-concept can be enhanced throughout support of knowledge of how to cope better with stressors and self-esteem can be changed or shaped in particularly if a better skill of coping with stressors is provided.
3. How might Jennifer’s situation illustrate adjustment? How might this situation become an opportunity for personal growth?

Adjustment is coping behavior that allows us to meet the demands of our life including the environment we are surrounded by. Jennifers situation is illustrating adjustment by using ineffective coping strategies. However the facts speak for themselves and illustrating that Jennifer is not coping to well with certain situations or stressors that are affecting her life, for example the loss of loved ones. As in the end we can see that all these stressors are affecting her performance at work, at home and her health due to experiencing increasing pains.

Adjustment is required so that one can meet the challenges and expectations of our own environment. We are not only reactors but also actors and not only do we react to our environment, but we are also influenced by our environment. This situation might become an opportunity of personal growth if we learn to become not only reactors but also actors to what we are facing during our lives.
A combination of genetic predispositions, environmental influences and personal choice determine our traits, disorders and behaviors and as this is every human being possess the great ability of adjusting and choice. So personal growth is a never-ending journey and ongoing process of development in which we frequently inspect who we are, what we become and where we are heading off.

4. What defensive coping methods Jennifer using? What active coping methods might be healthier for Jennifer to use? Explain why you would recommend these methods.

Jennifer is using denial as self-protective coping method. While, she may think and insist that she is happy and not feeling under stress at all, facts speak for themselves. She has begun making mistakes at work, she is often very tiered, cannot keep up with housework, feels weighed down and experience physical symptoms such as: headaches, backaches, and indigestion for which her doctor cannot find any physical causes.

Appropriate coping methods are the right way of dealing with problems and stressors. these methods may consist of: trying not to take too many tasks and categorize...

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