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Psy Paper

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A lot of people do not really grasp how amazing the human brain actually is. The human brain is so complex and interesting that it actually named itself, think about it. One of the most unique things about the brain that psychologists still study today after years of previous research is the memory. A humans memory is capable of keeping things stored up for years! Things that we might not even know that we remember. It could be things we studied very hard back in middle school or even something we happened to hear as we were walking around in public. Online you can find many activities to test the brain to see how efficient ones memory actually is.
One activity that is popular among a lot ...view middle of the document...

Not too many people would of actually thought that the amount of energy you had could reflect on how well your memory was.
I would recommend this quiz to other people curious about their own memory. I learned about myself that I actually have an average memory based on other people. The only thing I wonder about is the truthfulness in the quiz. Some questions seem far fetched to memory but I am no psychologist so it would be hard to say if the questions are a little off or are actually things that effect memory (altz).
Since the brain and memory is something I like to learn about, the other activity I chose to do was the hemisphere dominancy quiz. The brain is split into two different hemispheres, the left and the right. Each side of the hemisphere controls different parts and actions of the brain. Left hemisphere dominant people are usually more organized. When you are doing a job, you like splitting the job into tasks one step at a time instead of just attacking it as a whole. These people are usually well disciplined as well. People that are right hemisphere dominant are usually more creative. They like to use their creativeness to complete goals instead of a detailed, written out plan. These types of people usually like to...

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