Psych 555 Social Psychology Essay

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Social Psychology
Jesse Muerte
Psych 555 Social Psychology
Feburary 24, 2014
University of Phoenix
Gary Mccullough

Social Psychology
Social psychology is about understanding individuals through scientific studies to see how they think, what influences their emotions and behaviors, as well as how they ultimately relate to one another. The key characteristics are defined in four ways; broad scope, cultural mandate, scientific methods, and search for wisdom. This paper expresses the concept of situationism, as well as the five core social motives in social psychology beginning with defining what social psychology is.
Definition of social psychology
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Cultural mandate is the translation of our understanding of human behavior from an older language into a newer one (Fiske, 2010). Scientific methods are integral to social psychology in three major ways, systematic theories, techniques, procedures, analyses, standards and by research strategies (Fiske, 2010). Lastly, search for wisdom deals with practical social issues, in an effort to make the world a better place. (Fiske, 2010, ch 1).
These situations are what triggers individual behaviors whether its emotions or by actions. While it may not cause these behavioral actions it can help to understand why the person is doing what they are doing, and develop helpful ways of dealing or approaching the issues with clients in a way that they better understand them.
The concept of situationism in social psychology.
Many psychologists have different perceptions about the concept of situationism in social psychology. One question often looked in a philosophical aspect is if a person breaks into your home do you have a right to kill them? And does it make you a killer? While there are many different perceptive answers it all comes down to moral values. In social psychology psychologist use it to see why people think the way they do. Some would answer that question with no a person does not have a right to kill, and if they do they are a killer. Others however, would say that it would be seen as protecting their property and family and they would not be a killer. In a law aspect they see it as a person holds a right to strike and kill an intruder, but if they only injure the intruder can prosecute and get the victim for attempted murder.
Situationism plays in how we react, the thoughts we think and the actions which follow and lead into the various consequences we set for ourselves as an individual. Social psychology isn’t fixed on one given situation it can be any kind of situation that makes an impression on how we act or feel. These are what psychologists are trying to understand, in their eyes if they can understand it, then they are closer to understanding the human mind in genral.
The five core social motives affecting social psychology
Social psychology has five core social motives that affect the field acronymed as BUCET . Belonging, the first are people motivated to affiliate and bond with each other. Understanding to belong , people...

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