Psych/705 Recruitment And Development Essay

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Gilliland-Moore Wines
A Business Proposal to Suggest Employee Recruitment and Selection

Prepared for
Annetta Cherne
Human Resource Director
Gilliland-Moore Wines

Prepared by
Ronald D. Mosely Jr.
University of Phoenix
Industrial – Organizational Consultant
Iwamoto, Crews, Coe Consulting

February, 03, 2014

Proposal Number: GMW - 004
Gilliland-Moore Wines
A Business Proposal to Suggest Employee Recruitment and Selection

Executive Summary
Gilliland - Moore Wines is a California winery, that has built a successful business in the spirits industry. Gilliand – Moore Wines success dates back 20 years and had a ...view middle of the document...

• Preferred method of selection interviews for each position; structured or unstructured and the predictive validity of the chosen types of interviews.
• How to develop each position in the future.
• Characteristics and traits to look for in a successful candidate.
Proposed Action
In the case of hiring candidates for the VP of Sales, Regional Sales Managers, and Sales Team Members positions, we must first take a keen eye to the requirements of the job analysis created for these positions. Cascio & Aguinis (2006), state that the “ job analysis is the fundamental building block on which all later decisions in the employment process must rest” (pg. 49). Moreover the reliability and validity of a job analysis is .77 for inter - and intra – rater reliabilities (Cascio & Aguinis, 2006, pg. 217). What this ultimately means is that the job analysis is truly, the cornerstone of the hiring process as it is a reliable predictor toward outlining desirable characteristics of the right candidate for the chosen position. Moreover, the job analysis is a tool that can be used at all levels of employment and will suffice as baseline requirements in the hiring process for all candidates. Furthermore, when this tool is employed correctly it can double as a means to further develop each position through observing other functions of each position and updating frequently. This will help keep a pool of qualified internal and external candidates for each position while meeting the needs of Gillian – Moore Wines.
Selection of Sales Team Members
As previously mentioned the sales team member position plays an intricate role in the success of Gilliand – Moore Wines. Therefore, the proposed two part interview will remain a key success in choosing the right candidate for the position. The first portion of the two part interview, will be a structured telephone interview that will double as a stress test to evaluate the candidates communication abilities, as well as assess the candidates basic knowledge, skills, and abilities of the sales team member position. Once, the candidate has been chosen to move forward in the interview process, they will then be called in for a semi – structured interview that will loosely focus on the person – group level of fit and further assess the candidates knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics; such as dimensions of behavioral and personality.
The second portion of this interview will focus on some extremely important topics such as person – group fit and behavioral and personality dimensions. Edwards, Scott, and Raju (2003), ...

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