Psych Foundation Of Growth Development And Learning Case Study Age Group 2 Years Old

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Ivina Russell
Age group two years old
GED 201 XM:
Psych Foundation of Growth Development and Learning
Prof. Yomi Ajaiyeoba
Fall 2009


a. Physical Description: Give a complete physical description of the child. Discuss height and body build in comparison with other children the same age, and any other distinguishing features.
D.D. is a male child, age two years old he is medium built and his height is average. D.D. is always smiling, and his outlook on how things work is amazing.

Selection of child: State your reasons for selection this particular child. D.D. is very talkative, he asks a million and one questions. He is not shy, hew ...view middle of the document...

Music area I fell is very important, the instruments he plays with is the bongos, he dances too. I see him learning how to take charge of his own space. Both sexes are involved with cooking/kitchen, cars/trucks blocks, music area and writing. The girls and boys play with all the toys in the class.
b. Interactions with peers. How does your child interact with other children? D.D. interact with very well with the other children How is he/she a follower or a leader? D.D. is a leader right now he is the only boy in the class. How does he/she influence the other, if at all? He is very talkative and the other children responds to him well. When and how is the child friendly, cooperative, hostile, outgoing, withdrawn? He is withdrawn when he is corrected for not sharing. He is very cooperative and friendly, with all children and teaching staff. He is never hostile. Does the child engage in aggressive behavior? No How does the child react to aggression expressed by others? He will tell a teacher. Who does the child spend the most time with? He spends a lot of time with Jewel who came from the same class with him. How do the other children react to this child? I believe because he speaks well the other children listen and react pleasant towards him. Does the child express sympathy to others or help them in any way? Yes when they are hurt by someone other than himself, he would tell them to stop crying while touching them.
c. Interactions with adults.
i. Parents. Describe the parent-child interaction if observed. Was the child’s behavior different when the parent was there? How? How did the parent relate to the child? What was said? When the mother brings him he cries when she has to leave. He stays under her every step. She tell D.D. that she will pick him up later, which he cries even harder. When the father brings him he gives him a five tell him have a nice day and leave
ii. Teachers. Does the child have a favorite teacher? How does the child relate to various adults in the room--lead teacher, aid, child development students, and other visitors? No He acknowledge every teacher with respect and authority. Compared to the others, how well does the child listen and follow the teacher’s requests and instructions? D.D. follows instruction and request very well compared to the other children. Is the child clingy, dependent or independent? D.D. is very independent, he likes to take charge. How do the teachers react to this child? With love and a bridled tongue. How do the teachers deal with problems concerning this child? They speak to him in a low tone . What method of guidance and control are used with all children? Tone of voice. Talking calm, telling them what good work they have done explaining to them the wrong they done. How are positive actions reinforced? With praises to everyone for their actions. How do the teachers help this child learn? By answering his every question. How much attention does this child get from teachers? The...

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