Psycho Analytic Approach Essay

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Psychoanalytic Approach

Terry Richards


21 February 2012
Dr. Sabrina Norman
The psychoanalytic approach to personality and theories will be compared and contrasted in this report, letting the readers be aware how the approach and or theories is directing one’s behavior. These approaches and or theories will be from Freud, Jung, and Adler. There will be two characteristics of these theories that the author will agree with and two characteristics that the author will not agree with. Also the stages of Freud’s theory will be explained in detail by using the components of Freud’s theories. This paper will explore and describe at least three of the Freudian ...view middle of the document...

Freud put a lot of emphasis on sexuality and dreams. Jung and Adler did not believe sexuality had much to do with psychology. Jung developed the analytical psychology, which interprets feelings and behavior in terms of both an individual and racial unconscious. On the other hand, Adler developed individual psychology, which interprets behavior in terms of a desire to be a pouter in the social order. Dreams according to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory are said to have two levels of content, manifest content and latent content. The manifest content is what a person remembers and consciously considers. The latent content is the underlying hidden meaning. This is the trademark idealism of the psychoanalytic approach to personality, in other words what we see on the surface is only a part of what really lies underneath. (Friedman & Schustack 2009) There are many characteristics of the psychoanalytic theories from Freud, Jung, and Alder. The two characteristic mostly agreeable in Jung’s theory is that he classified psychological functions and developed archetypes. The character types consists of functions and attitudes used in everyday life and the archetypes shows how behavior is the dominance of relative functions. On the other hand, some characteristics are from the Freud theory are not agreeable. Freud’s believe was that the unconscious escapes into conscious through dreams and that people’s motivation comes from the psychosexual pleasure in one’s mind.
Freud’s theory uses five stages of personality and development which are the Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, and Genital Stages (Friedman & Schustack 2009). Freud recognized strong sexual conflicts in newborns and young child, encounters that seemed to revolve around certain areas of the body. From observing the different conflicts, he developed the theory of the psychosexual stages of personality development; each stage is marked by an erogenous zone of the body. The first stage that will be talked about is the oral stage where infants’ pleasure is the mouth. The infant obtain pleasure from sucking, biting, and chewing. If a child is fixated at this stage later in life causes an adult to smoke cigarette or a teenager to suck his thumb. The child who surpassed the oral stage moves on to the anal stage which is the second stage. Moving on to the other end of the body, this stage includes toddlers. At about 18 months toilet training starts, Freud believe defecation produced some sort of erotic pleasure for the child. At this time in a child life, he could develop to be an adult who is hostile or sadistic behavior, depending on how aggressive the parents’ toilet trained the child. The third stage deals with a child around the age of five which is the phallic stage began whereas the anus was the focus of the last stage, in this stage he focused on the genitals. Children pleasure comes from masturbation and the child usually begin to identify with the parent of the opposite gender. In this stage, there...

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