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Essay Topic – PsychoEducation is  a  fundamental  part  of  routine  care  for  people  with  mental  illness,  using  current  literature,  discuss  the  use  of  psychoeducation  in  mental  health  care  under  the  following  headings;
Opportunities for psychoeducation in clinical settings
Role of the nurse/therapist in providing psychoeducation
Effectiveness  of  psychoeducation in enhancing  mental  health  outcomes  for  people  with  mental  disorders

The current therapeutic model for the treatment of mental health disorders embraces a combination of pharmacological and psychological interventions. Psychoeducational methods are employed in clinical procedures for all mental ...view middle of the document...

There are evidence-based studies done in conducting psychoeducation in clinical settings. For instance, research indicates that patients with schizophrenia benefit from gaining knowledge about their illness. Xia, Merinder and Belgamwar (2011) point out that that psychoeducational intervention considerably shortened recurrence, improved medication observance, amplified agreement with mental health services, and an enhanced outlook in life among patients with schizophrenia. Donkar et al (2009) also suggests that psychological interventions like leaflets can be easily distributed to a large number of people at low cost through general practice and these kind of written delivery modes (websites, leaflets or emails) are easy to implement and are safe. Crowley, Rose, Smith, Hobster and Ansell (2008), discussed the usefulness of running the program within mental health services. The program will attract the clients to measure their understanding of illness such as psychosis, anti-psychosis medication, stress and relapse and misperception; through this intervention, they can be more aware of their illness and potentially identify the early symptoms. Appendix A shows a table indicating a list of several goals associated with psychoeducation for people with mental health problems. This includes extensive goals such as medication adherence, understanding stress vulnerability and coping mechanisms and reduction of relapse and rehospitalisation.
Psychoeducation plays an important role in emotional and behavioral change. A strong research base has recognized the valuable results of psychoeducational care. McFarlane, Dixon, Lukens and Lucksted (2003) published study results drawn from more than 30 randomized clinical trials and concluded the results to have direct positive impacts on relapse rates, improved recuperation, and enhanced family welfare. The authors cite remarkable outcomes of psychoeducational interventions for schizophrenia, such as a relapse range of 15% for participants. Aho-Mustonen et al, (2009) raised the significance of group psychoeducation, whereby patients with similar illness can benefit from the intervention with the shared knowledge that they are not alone in their condition. It is believed that peer learning can influence a positive outcome. The results of the systematic review conducted by Cuhadar and Oclay (2014) show that patients can benefit from psychoeducation and cognitive behavior therapy. The benefits include medication compliance, improved patient adherence to prescribed treatment regimens and a decrease in the number of relapse and duration of hospital visits.
Elder, Katie and Nizette (2013 p.492) concur, citing psychoeducation is aimed to help patients and their families with a view to improving their long-term health outcome. Patients and their family members can have a chance to change their ways of thinking about mental illness and consequently reduce the burden of stress. Further, the same authors found that...

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