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Psychological Case Study

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Case Study School Aged Child Assessment Report
The following assessment case study describes a 7 year-old girl in the second grade presenting with academic difficulties.
Reason for Referral
Amy, was referred by her mother, Stella, for a cognitive and educational assessment. Stella referred her in the context of Amy appearing to learn at a slower pace than her peers and her apparent word finding difficulties. An initial interview with Stella was carried out on 03/08/2015, and Amy was first seen on 05/08/2015 for assessment. Three forms of assessment were administered to Amy: Cognitive (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: Fourth Edition; WISC-IV), educational (Wechsler Individual ...view middle of the document...

Amy tends to lose her temper in the classroom or at home when she is having difficulty with an activity. She becomes frustrated, emotionally unresponsive at times, and refuses to complete the activity. Amy stops exerting effort into her learning making it difficult for her to keep up with the expected level. She appeared to be struggling with reading, comprehension and math, and Amy’s teacher expressed concern about her slow work pace.
Upon first meeting Amy on the day of the first test administration, she appeared to be fit and healthy, joyful and excited to meet the examiner. Over the three assessment sessions, Amy was compliant, sociable, and spoke clearly using simple language. Although Amy was initially attentive and motivated, she became quite restless and distracted, as testing progressed, resulting in the need for frequent breaks. She appeared to understand instructions and try hard on all assessments. However, Amy could be reluctant to have a go at tasks she was not confident in responding correctly to. She constantly looked to the examiner for encouragement and reassurance. When presented with large amounts of text on a page, Amy appeared to become overwhelmed and shut down completely, refusing to complete the task. In this instance, Amy required encouragement or a break before she re-engaged in the task. It was notable that Amy would skip words she did not know when asked to read a sentence aloud. As evidenced by observations of Amy and reports from her mother and teacher, it is clear that Amy has experienced great frustration with her schoolwork, specifically her reading skills.
Background Information
Amy is from an intact family with an older sister, Alyssa, who is 10 years of age and a younger brother, Bradley, who is 4 years of age. Amy gets along well with her siblings. Amy’s parents are healthy with no history of any serious medical problems and are both self-employed. Stella is a clinical psychologist and Arthur, Amy’s father, works in telecommunications. Both parents progressed through school with no difficulties. Amy was the product of a planned pregnancy and was born full term at 40 weeks. Amy was delivered with the use of the suction cap and was apparently healthy. There were no signs of prenatal illness or stress and Stella did not smoke, drink alcohol, or take any drugs or medication during pregnancy.
Amy was described as being a very placid and easy to look-after infant, and was breast-fed till the age of 12 to 13 months. Stella’s only concern for Amy during infancy was that she had severe eczema and cradle cap. Amy met all developmental milestones at age appropriate levels. She was identified as being a typical toddler who tested the limits on occasion, but responded relatively well to discipline. Amy was toilet trained by the age of 3, but had, and continues to have problems with constipation. Amy has gone through phases of soiling and has seen a specialist regarding this. She has been on medication to assist...

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