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Psychological Disorder Analysis

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Psychological Disorder Analysis
Tammey Sweezer
1 September 2013
Joan Rachmel

Psychological Disorder Analysis
Today we are going to meet Marla, a 42 year old, Hispanic, female. Her chief complaints are having trouble sleeping, feeling “jumpy all of the time”, and experiencing an inability to concentrate. Marla is an accountant, and these issues are causing problems at work for her.
Hi Marla, How are you doing today? I am here, nothing to write home about. Thank you. Have you talked to your children lately? No, not for a while now, like they say got to have patience of Job. Why do you think that your children are acting this way? I could name a number of reasons, or blame ...view middle of the document...

*Sniff* Danny, would move my underwear around and play with my clitoris. He told me not to tell mom or anyone else, this was our little secret.
Marla, you know this is not your fault. Yes, I know this. What made you start thinking about Danny and having such vivid nightmares? That is not all of it. There is more. Okay, we will get to it. I want to know what trigged this first, before we explore more of what is going on. Does that sound good with you? Yes, that makes sense. *Smile* I guess that is why you make the big bucks. I was walking Oh Gee, and I saw this car coming up really slow. It looked like Danny. He sat at the stop sign for a couple minutes. Than go up the street really slow. It freaked me out, so I called mom and asked her if she told Danny where I lived and what my new last name is. She said no, than asked me some questions. I saw this car driving up the road really slowly and stop at the stop sign. Said my name, watched me walk across the street. This guy turned the corner, drove up the street really slowly. Turned the next corner, came back down the street slowly again and just watched me. Really gave me the creeps, just talking about it reminds me of the way he used to touch me. I am not a violent person, but I just want to castrate him with my bare hands. *Crying*.
Marla, take your time. I know this is hard. Marla is this why you are having suicidal thoughts? Yes, partly I do not know if it is because I want to castrate him with my bare hands or from what he did. Maybe it was the death of Zackery. I just feel so guilty. Why, in the world do you feel guilty? You did nothing wrong. I feel like if I would have told someone, or made someone listen than maybe his future daughters, or stepdaughters would not maybe be victims. I sometimes feel like maybe I did something to make him want me. Then I realize I was six years old when it started, how I could do something to make him want me. I am just, feeling so guilty over something I have no control over at the moment.
Why do you feel guilty over Zackery, you did everything a mother could do for your child? I feel like I could have done more. I feel like when he passed away the first time when he was three and half months old; instead of making him suffer additional 15 months. Why are you thinking that you made him suffer for additional 15 months? I just wonder was he in pain, did I make him suffer more, or did I enrich his life? It seems that at work all the ladies around me is either having babies or grandbabies. Is this why you cannot concentrate at work right now? Why, are you so jumpy? Between the thing with Danny, and all the babies and grandbabies who I swear look like Zackery. Every time the phone rings I think it is Danny calling me. Every time someone touches my shoulder, I believe it is someone telling me about one of my children, or my granddaughter.
Marla, have you talked to Brian lately? I know he knows about Danny and Zackery. Yes, Brian and I talk two or three...

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