Psychological Disorders/Suicide Essay

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Psychological disorders

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Psychological disorders are also identified as mental disorders, it is deviation of the brain mechanism which is mostly due to unrelenting activities that are critical and may influence the daily functions of life. Several diseases have been recognized and been classified, they include anorexia nervosa, personality, eating disorders, mood disorders, and in this case depression disorders. The rate of depression is higher among poor people than wealthier people

The majority of people who have mood disorders mostly suffer from depression ...view middle of the document...

Thus there remarkable shift in prescribing these drugs. (Mash, & Terdal 1997). 

Meta analysis

It’s only recently that suicidal behavior wasn’t associated with the psychological disorders. It is widespread with patients having mood disorders. Numerous suicide attempts have been associated with mental disorders specially depression and schizophrenia and many these association has been under estimated. With a number of studies done have proved to be true thus depression has been mostly been associated with high risk suicide. Leading to major risk factor for suicidal attempts, ideas, or completions.

With Meta analysis of these entire drugs in clinical trials in the treatment of children on anxiety disorders show an evidence of effectiveness for all indications in this disorders and the effects were moderate in the management of depression and anxiety. With the steady analyses it was found that there was generally small but bigger threat of treatment in and suicide attempt and suicidal Ideation.(American Medical Association. 1960). 

The drugs used have so many side effects that children find a hard time to withstand but we have newer drugs that they are found to have fewer side effects and soon or later may fade away. Most experience sexual problem thus adjustment of drug is required since antidepressants acts on the brain may affect the mood and the neurotransmitters therefore causing epileptic seizures. There only a few number of drugs that are available for management of depression in. (Blasco-Fontecilla,...

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