Psychological Ethical Essay

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Week 2 Written Assignment: Psychological and Ethical Egoism

Benedictine University

Muhammad U. Malik

Psychological egoism is a theory that states that people act only for the sake of their own self-interest. Basically, Shoemaker believes that a psychological egoist would turn any deed, even an altruistic one into one’s own favor. A good example of this would be of a parent and child relationship. Normally, parents want the best for their children when it comes to their education and upbringing. They put in so much effort and time in raising them and hoping for them to turn out to be well rounded individuals in society. One ...view middle of the document...

An argument against this theory is that a person should not only look at one’s short term consequences but be more concerned about the long run. For example if one starts to reap the benefits too soon, they might be left with nothing in the long term. Additionally, another rebuttal of this theory would be its inconsistency. While the theory of ethical egoism states that everyone should always look out for their own benefits, this cannot be done all the time. For example if the ethical egoist is in trouble and needs help wouldn’t they want someone to help them? Well if they do then that person is not thinking selfishly, therefore it is contradictory and inconsistent.
On the other hand, Shoemaker presents an argument which is in favor for the theory of ethical egoism and it is hard to negate. “The evaluative criterion of applicability has to do with whether or not the theory includes an adequate decision procedure, a reliable way for humans applying the theory to arrive at moral verdicts.” (Timmons, 2012). Shoemaker discusses that ethical egoism is easily applicable as it provides consistent and determinate moral verdicts. Basically with applicability an individual judges how each action...

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