Psychological Perspective Paper

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Psychological Perspective Paper

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. There are various perspectives within psychology and the upcoming paragraphs deal with 6 psychological perspectives: Behavioral, Cognitive, Biological, Developmental, Psychodynamic, Sociocultural and Evolutionary.

Psychological Perspectives
All six perspectives seek to explore and examine human behavior and makes use of varying techniques in order to do so. Each perspective tries to search for answers to different questions, which exist about behavior. Each of these perspectives is different hence they have there own reasoning and explanation. Among the perspectives of psychology, ...view middle of the document...

Biological Psychology, or physiological psychology, is the study of the relationship between the physiological system and behavior. Biological psychology examines how physiological processes can influence thoughts, behaviors and actions including movement, memory, perception, sexuality, learning and mental illness. It also incorporates the study of other factors that affect behavior, such as the environment and heredity. (What Is Biological Psychology, 2011)

Developmental Psychology describes the growth of humans throughout the lifespan, from conception to death. The scientific study of human development seeks to understand and explain how and why people change throughout life. This includes all aspects of human growth, including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, perceptual, and personality development. The scientific study of development is important not only to psychology, but also to sociology, education, and health care. Development does not just involve the biological and physical aspects of growth, but also the cognitive and social aspects associated with development throughout life.

The study of human development is important in a number of subjects, including biology, anthropology, sociology, education, history, and psychology. However it’s the practical applications of studying human development that helps psychologist to better understand how and why people change and grow. This information is then applied to helping people live up to their full potential. (What Is Development, 2011)

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is derived from psychoanalysis and is based on a number of key analytical concepts. Its premise is that human behavior and relationships are shaped by conscious and unconscious influences. These include Freud's ideas about psychosexual development, defense mechanisms, free association as the method of recall, and the therapeutic techniques of interpretation, including that of transference, defenses and dreams.

Freud’s key concepts of Psychodynamic Theory were: (a) That they were primarily concerned with internal psychological processes; (b) Its importance of early childhood experiences;
(c) The existence of unconscious motivation;
(d) The existence of ego (rationality) & superego (morality);
and (e) The existence of defense mechanisms.

In psychodynamic therapy, the patient (as opposed to the client in other types of therapy) talks, and the therapist make interpretations about the patient's words and behaviors.  Dream interpretation may be a part of psychodynamic therapy. Also, some psychodynamic therapists may utilize other methods of therapy such as cognitive-behavioral techniques for specific problems. (What is the sociocultural theory in psychology, 2011)

Sociocultural Psychology is the study of our cognitive developmental processes, learning processes, are merely products of our society and culture. Different cultures around the world...

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