Psychological Report

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Comprehensive Psychological Report

Client: K
Gender : Male
Date of birth: xx/xx/1922
Marital Status : Widower
Employment: Retired
Treating clinician: Psychologist

Referral Source
K is a 75 year old man referred by Pleasant Paddocks nursing home for assistance with managing his depressive symptoms and some socially inappropriate behaviour; mostly nudity.

Referral Problem
Nurses at Pleasant Paddocks disclosed that K reported having suicidal intentions recently and that they found K sitting naked at the nursing home bus stop last week. Prior to this incident, nurses have also reported they found K unconscious one morning, naked in the corridor with an empty bottle of ...view middle of the document...

In addition to the above medical conditions documented in K’s file at Pleasant Paddock, K reported that he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) in Poland when he was very young. The symptoms he reported consist of uncontrollable twitches and an uncontrollable urges to touch things with his index finger. He said when he met someone new he often had an uncontrollable urge to touch their nose with his index finger. However, consistent with most people with TS, the symptoms had slowly improved throughout his adulthood.

K reported that his uncontrollable urges associated TS had led to some unpleasant events in the past. He provided an example of having been physically assaulted one time after touching someone he just met on the nose, and as a result his skull was split in half. K explained that the scar on his head was from having a steel plate put in between his scalp and skull after the incident. He further disclosed that this steel plate became magnetised after he survived a lighting strike. As a consequence, his head is now magnetic.

Another medical condition K reported having in the past was testicular cancer. He was admitted into remission after one of his testicles was removed. Although he no longer has testicular cancer, K disclosed that he was diagnosed as sterile.

Family Psychiatric and Medical History
K reported that his mother had lead poisoning from working in the mines. He is unsure of any psychological diagnosis, but he explained his mother was obsessed with counting her fingers, often had conversations with people that were not there, and there were times when she mistook him as an intruder and would attack him.

K reported no significant psychiatric and medical history for his father.

Educational and Vocational History
K reported having only attended the first few years of primary school. He disclosed that during that time he had one friend. He said most people at school called him a “Thick”. Together with his friend, they were often bullied by other children. As a consequence, K’s mother took him out of school and home-schooled him herself.

K explained his mother was illiterate, but she taught him lots of facts about the world. K showed the therapist the book he had around his neck and said that he had been writing facts he learnt about the world in it ever since. K admitted he carried this book with him everywhere.

K informed the therapist that his first job was working as a lumberjack with his father in Poland. Since he arrived in Australia as a migrant, he reported working in many different jobs. He worked at the Spottswood rubbish dump for a while, sold pencils in the streets, worked as a lint picker for some time and he also collected golf balls at a golf club. However, K disclosed that he was “sacked” a lot but he didn’t know why.

Life circumstances and important relationships
K reported although he enjoyed working with his father and learning facts from his mother when...

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