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Psychology Development Essay

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Intro Psych
Personal Development Assignment:
18 years old 12 years old
1. I am shy. 1. I am loud
2. I am independent and dependent. 2. I am the class clown
3. I am open-minded and strong minded. 3. I am uncertain
4. I am a hardworking student. 4. I am generous
5. I am outspoken. 5. I am dependent
6. I am focused. 6. I am gullible
7. I am opinionated.
8. I am not that trusting ...view middle of the document...

I would quickly call somebody my friend due to their first impressions on me and tell them personal things after a short period of time. “The role of a schema can influence can influence first impressions. Impressions form quickly which are last longing and are slow to change.” (Berstein ) Some are more aware than others but it took me longer to realize that not all of them have good intentions. The lessons I’ve learned were and still influenced by social development of parental skills. My Mother always taught me to always treat others the way you want to be treated but never trust them so easily with your matters or secrets until you truly know that they are there for you like you are there for them. Be careful who you tell your secrets and personal matters to because some of them will use it negatively towards you when angered.
My personality traits haven’t changed since then, but I can personally say that I feel that I have indeed matured, that’s why I find it accurate to describe myself as a hardworking student. Since I kept getting average grades, I believed that is what I am only capable of so I didn’t push myself hard . I let low test grades determine my intelligence and accepted it until the 11th grade when I changed my attitude on things and I how I felt about myself. Confidence. I began to be confident about myself and before I knew it I started to see progress. The letters A and B replaced my D’s and C’s. This...

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