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Psychology Individual Report

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First, I want to introduce how hearing work in the auditory system. “The ear hear sound which must know follow the four part of basic form energy transformation from the auditory system. The first part of the transformation is the vibrating air molecules enter into the ears. Some sound go to the external canal of the ear directly and the external ear, or pinna. The sound wave travels along the canal which meets the eardrum. It’s pressure variation set the eardrum into motion.” (Richard&Philip,2008)Pg114
The second part of the transformation occurs in “the cochlea the airborne sound wave becomes seaborne. The cochlea is a fluid-filled coiled tube which has a membrane . It is the basilar ...view middle of the document...

In this way, we can have own perfect life.
Also, the hearing enhance people’s working and learning’ efficiency. For instance, the students can clearly hear what the teacher teach the course. Hearing can help the employee who can clearly hear the order from the employer. It can enhance the employee’s working efficiency.
On the other hand, I want to describe what the type of the hearing impairment. Some people may face the hearing impairment in their life. “The two general types of hearing impairment are each caused by a defect in one or more of the components of the auditory system. The conduction deafness which is a problem in the conduction of the air vibrations to the cochlea. Also, the more serious type of impairment in nerve deafness a defect in the neural mechanisms that create nerve impulse in the ear or relay them to the auditory cortex”.
Next, I will describe the deaf person who will face some difficult in their life.
First, the deaf person are so difficult to communicate with the hearing person. The hearing person don’t know the meaning of sign language. In this case, the deaf person don’t only learn the sign language, they are also learn lipreading which can help them understand what the people say something. But sometimes they may misunderstand the meaning.
Second, the deaf people can’t enjoy TV programme or movie same with the normal people. They only watch the tv programme’s or movie subtitles to know the meaning. They can’t feel the whole tv programme or movie’s atmosphere.
Third, the deaf drivers must pay attention when they drives...

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