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Psychology Observation Paper

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Observation Paper
Ashley Williams
SSCI206 - AB2GEPFN - Aspects of Psychology
American InterContinental University
Schwartz, Evan

Tattooed and pierced individuals receive different reactions (more in a negative light) from others when they are out on the town. If you have tattoos and/or piercings, depending upon which side of town you are on, then you will receive negative reactions.

Observation #1: Unmarked/Unpierced Person
Since there is no way that I can hide my tattoos or piercings, my friend Ashlee went into Macy’s at Perimeter Mall looking for different things. She first ventured off into the women’s clothing section looking for a cocktail dress. As ...view middle of the document...

She kind of moved the other way when I got closer. So I decided to walk closer to her, still, she said nothing. So I asked her if she had any recommendations for some kind of cocktail party dress, she stated that all the dresses were on a rack closer to the wall and there was a clearance rack closer to the dressing room. While, it took everything in me not to slap fire out of her, I said thanks and went over to the dresses. Once over there, I wanted to see if she would further assist me so I asked for a size that wasn’t on the rack, she calmly stated “Well what you see is what you get, we do not have any more dresses in the back” and walked off. By that time, I knew it was time to move on before I went to jail. I walked over towards the perfumes and headed straight for Gabe. He looked directly at me and sent a younger African American woman named Krystal over to help me. She was very courteous and assisted me with what I was looking for. I didn’t even get a chance to interact with Gabe which I thought was ridiculous. I went back out to Ashlee, we compared results and decided to go to a place that’s more tattoo-friendly.

Observation #3: Unmarked/Unpierced Person
Ashlee walked into Macys at South DeKalb Mall, and was not greeted by anyone. She walked over to the woman’s section looking for another cocktail dress. Once over there, a woman by the name of Alexis came over to assist her. Ashlee explained what she was looking for, Alexis showed her where the dresses were and told her to call her if she needed anymore assistance. Ashlee found a dress she liked but it wasn’t in her size. Ashlee found Alexis and asked for another size, Alexis seemed annoyed with Ashlee but went to retrieve the dress. Ashlee noticed the annoyance in Alexis’ voice, got her dress and walked over to the perfume section. Once in the perfume section, Ashlee was greeted by Jasmine. Jasmine asked Ashlee what she was looking for, found the perfume and moved on to the next customer. Ashlee said she didn’t seem very wanted in the store when she returned to the food court.

Observation #4: Tattooed/Pierced Person
Once I walked into Macys, I was greeted by MANY employees, particularly males. This was already extremely different than Ashlee’s visit. I walked over to the woman’s section and was greeted by Alexis. She asked me if I needed help finding anything. I explained to her that I was looking for a cocktail dress for my sister’s party on Saturday. She was eager to help me, and even began asking what the party was for and getting personal. She complimented me on all of my tattoos and wanted to know where I get them done at. She helped me try on many dresses and even found shoes and accessories for me. When I was finally done, she asked for my number to contact me about the tattoos and to know how the party went. This was a very different aura from Perimeter Mall. I headed over to the perfume stand, and MULTIPLE people came to help me, men and women. I decided to get help...

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