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Psychology Of Health In The Workplace

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Psychology of Health in the Workplace
Kimberly Okony
HCA/250-The Psychology of Health
University of Phoenix Axia
April 22, 2012
Darlene Tomlinson

Psychology of Health in the Workplace
The relationship between health and psychology has become more established in recent years. Past and continuing studies, and research, is providing insight into how an individual’s entire feeling of wellbeing should be considered when trying to balance or maintain the status of their overall health. They are discovering that many biological, mental, and environmental factors can all work together to add to people’s health issues. Finding the correct balance of treatment choices is now including other alternative influences and circumstances as possible elements that may be adding to the causes of physical health issues.
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One poor choice can develop problems for a person that can last the entire day, or possibly ruin relationships at work, especially if this poor choice is made continually. A person, who repeatedly behaves in this way, may be shocked to hear how others in their work or social environment perceive them. The point is that frequently making poor choices will often lead to behavioral, psychological, and physical difficulties.
One example of a lifestyle choice that can enhance health and prevent illness is to eat and drink the right things. Skipping meals (or the opposite) overeating, as well as just making poor nutritional choices can affect our health in a negative way. When we become more conscious of what we are eating and drinking, our overall wellbeing will dramatically improve. Another choice to be considered is ensuring we are free from substances that can cause us harm or psychological damage, such as drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. These substances not only cause physical problems, but often affect our social relationships as well. Feelings such as depression and the inability to cope with everyday stressors may develop, and cause anxiety and other mental concerns to grow, which in turn causes additional physical effects. Finally, the suggestion of choosing good habits to develop in order to reduce your stress levels, such as getting plenty of exercise and creating some organization, will greatly affect your physical and mental health. Making time to work out and relieve some of your daily stress, and finding methods of organization that are comfortable for you, are both good habits to develop that aid in the overall wellbeing of any individual.
The result being that more connections to our physical health are being discovered and they are extending beyond just the biological factors that were previously considered. The psychological, environmental, and social factors need to be contemplated as well.

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