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This year in AP Psychology I would like to learn more about mental illnesses along with the causes and effects of them. I would like to learn more about serial killers and the mental illnesses some of the most notorious ones suffered from. I would like to learn how the brain of a serial killer works. I would like to learn also about obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), since last year in psychology we just learned the basics. I would also like to learn the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist, and what’s needed for each to have a career in either one.
I took this class because I love to learn how the human brain works in different ...view middle of the document...

Some traits that I have to make this a better class are that, I’m very open minded, a quick learner, and a hard worker. I am not just taking this class to get it out of the way, I am taking this class because I have developed a strong interest in psychology.
My plans for AP psychology are to make sure I’m successful in this class and to do everything I can to be successful. I’m going to take every assignment seriously; overall I just want to do my best in this class because psychology is something that I am very interested in.
After high school I plan on going to maple woods for two years and do the basic with A+, after that I want to move to Texas and go to a university for psychology and criminology while being in the police academy. I want to become a cop while I finish my schooling and then maybe apply to the FBI academy when I’m all done with school and I have my degrees. I would love to work in the behavior or terrorist unit for the FBI.
What I’ve heard about the class is that you have to read a lot, that you have a reading assignment every night. I’ve also heard that the serial killer project you give out is really hard too. My main concern about coming into the class this year is that I’ve heard that the tests are really hard and that concerns me because I’m not a really good test taker and I really want to be successful in this class because would like to take the test and maybe get college credit since this is something would really like to go to college for.

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