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Since the 1990s, the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor have evolved.
Throughout this essay I will clearly indentify how this has changed, focusing on: The teaching cycle, health and safety, equality and diversity, controlling learning, forward planning and motivational skills.

Back then the tutor would enter the class, give a brief lecture of what was required of students, write out our tasks on the chalk board, he would give more time to his favourite(s) (hierarchy) and then leave. Nowadays the curriculum requires the tutor to communicate at all levels (equality and diversity), guide the students more effectively and be a good role model; review his student’s performance as well as his own.
The teaching cycle is now used as a standard procedure for a more structured and successful teaching system.
Wilson (2008, pp.15) states that, “Teaching and learning should be ...view middle of the document...

The method is simple, direct and effective. First you plan the session, then you undertake the session with demonstration and participation, then review using discourse. This is a traditional Chinese method and has been used for hundreds of years.

Icebreakers, introducing yourself and sharing your own experiences and passion for your chosen subject should help to inspire and motivate the students, this can be reflected back at the students, who will then give feedback and share information about themselves, then the tutor can evaluate if the students have engaged in the lesson.
I believe it is important to indentify a students learning style, the VAK system is an essential tool in understanding a student’s preferred approach to learning, these are: Visual (seeing information), Auditory (hearing and listening to information) and Kinaesthetic (hands on approach to learning). Learners use a combination of VAK learning styles; it is the tutor’s responsibility to understand how a student learns more effectively. I will then evaluate if the student participates in class and will then have a basis for measuring progress.

To conclude, from my experience of teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, I have practised some of these methods of instructing. I like simple methods of teaching: a clear system that is easy to follow, using equality and diversity, the teaching cycle and icebreakers to help break down barriers to learning. Grandmaster Viktor Kan founder of the Classical Wing Chun system, “There are no barriers between nationalities or races in the martial arts world.”
I plan to utilise the VAK system and other motivational strategies. My own scheme of work involves a warm up and group basic training, which helps the students connect with the techniques and each other, then engaging in pairs I use a progressive circular cycle, do the techniques, then review the lesson plan through feedback. The students consist of mixed ages, races and genders; I encourage students at different levels, height/weight and abilities to work together as this expands their knowledge and understanding, but health and safety is always essential.

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