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Ptlls Assignment 1 (All Sections) Unchecked

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When first organising a course it is my responsibility as a trainer to ensure I have endeavoured to identify the needs of my students. Whether this is by knowing my students or by estimating the needs of an unknown group and reviewing constantly as the sessions progress. In either instance, it is essential that my knowledge and information is up-to-date and relevant to the subject and material I am to teach. Boundaries to my responsibilities as a trainer would be a personal lack of knowledge about the students, both at during planning and at the start of the course and personal knowledge of the subject. (105 words)

When designing a course I need to make it as engaging as possible. ...view middle of the document...

When writing on whiteboards and flipchart paper, your writing needs to be clear and easily readable by all students, if in doubt, ask them. You should follow your session plan as far as possible, but you need to remain flexible as you may not have been able to fully assess students needs and requirements if it is an unknown group. The main boundaries to delivering courses is myself. Students need to feel that I am approachable, confident, open and relaxed, even when things are not going strictly to plan. This is easier said than done.

When assessing the effectiveness of courses taught I have a choice of options available to me. I can use continuous assessment, this is especially useful in practical sessions such as CPR where if a student is not quite right you can provide quiet support to correct a mistake, I also have formal assessments available, this is where students will receive a certificate valid for a fixed period of time at the end. Peer review is a useful tool where I can engage the students in feeding back to each other on their progress, under supervision. If the group is large or I do not have a lot of time available I can use a question and answer session to assess theoretical knowledge learned. Course critiques are also a useful tool to assess the effectiveness of a taught course, but you do not get this until the end of the course so is more reflective than practice. The main boundary I have with this is being completely honest and non-patronising, or being perceived as being non-patronising. ...

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