Ptlls Level 4 Theory Assignment No. 4

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Level 4 Theory Assignment No. 4
Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Ground rules play a fundamental factor in effective management of the classroom and they should be established at the beginning of any course or term and can be referred to periodically. They explain clearly what the expectations are for the learners and tutor. Defining acceptable behaviour and conduct in the classroom ensures the learning environment remains safe for all to learn in. It promotes consideration and respect for others as well as cooperation by everyone. Without ground rules disruptions might occur.
“Other occurrences happen because people are bored, they don’t understand what you are saying or you are not challenging them enough.” Gravells (2008:65)

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* Learners may feel they are being forced into complying with rules they do not agree with; understand or believe are relevant to them.
* Ground rules are more likely to be broken as the learners did not participate in the foundation of these rules.
Learner Induced
The further towards the ‘learner control’ end of the continuum you go, the more learners will see the rules as their rules and thus have a greater commitment to both the rules themselves and the enforcing of them. Francis et alii (2009:23)

This approach encourages involvement by Learners to create a set of rules to which the class would formally agree to. Depending on the size of the class it may be preferable to have smaller group sessions feeding back their suggestions to the larger group afterwards. The teacher/tutor will then have the suggestions put forward by the learners for agreement or negotiation.
“Negotiation carries shared responsibility for its results.” Daines et alia (2006).

It will also give the teacher/tutor the opportunity to introduce non-negotiable elements for example requirements of Health and Safety, Risk Assessment criteria and time implications which may have been overlooked.
* Empowering the learners will encourage them to take ownership of the rules and show commitment to abide by them.
* They are more likely to self impose/endorse the breaching of the rules and subsequent ramifications.
* It encourages interaction and inclusiveness among the group.
* Time consuming.
* You are unlikely to get everyone agreeing to all of the proposed rules.
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