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Ptlls Theory 4 Essay

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City and Guilds 7303
Establishing Ground Rules
Assignment 4

In my current role I work with Adult Learners delivering ITQ NVQ’s at both level 2 and 3, the learners have varying levels of knowledge and different expectations. I believe establishing and applying an organised set of ground rules is vital in order to achieve success from a group of learners however these rules should be mutually agreed as this creates a mutual level of respect. Sarah Wayt BSc MAR (2008) supports this in an article “I see ground rules as mutually agreed reciprocal arrangements where others’ views and needs are appreciated and valued. This creates a safe and respectful space in which all participants have the opportunity to benefit from the learning experience.”

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Using imagery I highlight these rules around the room, other health and safety rules are also highlighted around the centre an example is “No Eating at the PC’s”.

I then gain feedback from the class as a whole with regards to other ground rules. The usual size of my class is 12 and the class is set out in 4 rows of 3. I therefore split into 4 groups using the table layout.

Each group then presents its rules to the rest of the class, if accepted it is written onto the smart board. Each session as my class has rolling enrolment, new members can start as places become available. I run through the ground rules set and ask the new member if they want to make additions, if so, this is then put to the rest of the class for approval.

All rules are typed up, printed out and signed by each learner. This is then placed with the course documentation for future reference.

If the group has conflicting views I then ask each learner to choose a set of rules and advise the most important one to them, if it is duplicated I then ask them to chose the next important from the list until we have at least one from each learner.

As a teacher/tutor I feel it is crucial for not only the students but myself to abide by the rules set as this gives a level of mutual respect. Neglecting ground rules can have a negative impact. Ground rules ensure all learners and tutors are treated equally with no discrimination. Discussing them and agreeing them as a group help learners respect the ground rules and maintain a commitment to learning.
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