Pttls Ground Rules Essay

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Theory Task 3 Ground Rules

It is very important for yourself and learners to establish ground rules from the start of the learner’s journey. What one learner believes is an acceptable level of behaviour in a classroom may not be acceptable to other learner and the teacher. By establishing the required standard of behaviour at the beginning of the course should ensure a positive learning environment for all of the learners. Ground rules are commonly referred to as, “the minimum necessary conditions for getting learning work done in the class” (S, 2010).By having ground rules from the start will allow you to establish how you want to teach your lessons in relaxed or formal atmosphere which should set the standards for how you want your learners to interact with you in the future.

Some ground rules I would set with my class would include, to treat each other with respect, to treat each other how you ...view middle of the document...

(Crow, 2001)

Ground rules should be negotiated with your learners to ensure that they feel valued,by Involving them in the decision making increases their interest, commitment, motivation for learning.
There will be some structured ground rules that your learners (and yourself) will have to abide by these may be set in stone by the organisation you work for, building your working from. These rules cannot be negotiated. Health & safety, No Smoking, Sign in and out of the building (fire safety)
The negotiated rules are in place to ensure that everyone gets to learn, the rules are set so that the group as a whole is not affected.
It is extremely important for the learners to be involved in the process of setting the ground rules Involving them encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning, your learners will learn more in a group in which they are able to participate, voice their opinions, ask questions and be more involved how they will learn.
“Ground rules should be agreed by the whole group rather than imposed by you” (Simpson, 2008)

There are numerous ways in which you can set group rules, however you need to ensure that you tailor it to the group of learners you are working with. I believe that the best way to set ground rules is through group discussion or activities, If you were working with a group of young learners you may get them to draw pictures of the rules to be displayed within the room. (For future reflection)
If the group is mainly professionals you may simply discuss the basic rules and get the agreement of the students by signing the rules.

If students do not agree with the rules they will not follow them according to (Crow, 2001)
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