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Public Administration Essay

1346 words - 6 pages


M.A. (Public Administration)

(For M.A. 1st Year Course)
For July 2013 and January 2014 Sessions

School of Social Sciences
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068

M.A. 1st Year (Public Administration)
Dear Student,
As a requirement of the Programme, you will have to do one Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)
for each course.
Before you attempt the assignments, please read the instructions carefully provided in the
Programme Guide. It is important that you answer the TMA questions in your own words. Your
answers should be within the approximate range of the word-limit set for each question.
Remember, writing answers to ...view middle of the document...

Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical order.


Organisation: Be a little selective and analytical before drawing up a rough outline of
your answer. Give adequate attention to question’s introduction and conclusion.
Make sure that:
a) The answer is logical and coherent
b) It has clear connections between sentences and paragraphs
c) The presentation is correct in your own expression and style.


Presentation: Once you are satisfied with your answer, you can write down the final
version for submission. It is mandatory to write all assignments neatly in your own
handwriting. If you so desire, you may underlining the points you wish to emphasize.
Make sure that the answer is within the stipulated word limit.
Wishing you all the best,

Prof. E. Vayunandan
Prof. Alka Dhameja
M.A. (Public Administration)

Course Code: MPA-011
Assignment Code: Asst/TMA/2013-2014
Marks: 100
This Assignment consists of Section – I and Section - II. There are five questions in each
section. You have to answer a total of five questions in about 500 words each, selecting at
least two questions from each section. Each question carries 20 marks.

Section – I

‘The nature of State can be understood through both Liberal and Marxist
Perspectives”. Elucidate.



Bring out the views of F.W. Riggs on Society and Administration.



Explain the Gandhian Perspective of Modern State.



Examine the pertinence of the concept of Social Equity in Public Administrative


Write short notes in about 250 words on each of the following:




A Case Study of the Right to Information

b) Citizen’s Charter Initiative
Section - II


Throw light on the contemporary Bureaucratic Paradigm.



‘Public Policy in India is a systematic process involving various steps’. Comment.



Explain the interrelationship of State, Society and Public Administration.



Bring out the important initiatives of Good Governance in India.



Write short notes in about 250 words on each of the following:



Conflict Resolution at the Intra-organizational Level.

b) New Public Service

Course Code: MPA-012
Assignment Code: MPA-012/Asst/TMA/2013-2014
Marks: 100
This Assignment consists of Section – I and Section - II. There are five questions in each
section. You have to answer a total of five questions in about 500 words each, selecting at
least two questions from each section. Each question carries 20 marks.
Section – I

Discuss the meaning, nature and scope of Public Administration.



‘Modern management techniques are an extension of the F.W Taylor’s Scientific
Management Movement.’ Explain


Define the concept of...

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